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Day 7

Rotorua Waikite Valley

Waikite Valley Hot Pools @Nz Frenzy North Waikite Valley Hot Pools @Nz Frenzy North

Rotorua, the image on uncountable postcards, the tourism image for New Zealand and perhaps one of the birthplaces for modern international visitor experiences in Aoteoroa NZ. Rotorua itself is marked by motels, hotels and themed visitor parks with all the elements of a mass tourism destination. For locals this can be offputting as many attractions are fee paying. Rotorua caters for large numbers of people creating loss of individuality around the experience. While these factors are present Rotorua is extraordinary as an active volcanic, geothermal area where earth’s core heat and energy rise up, on full display for visitors to marvel at what the earth can offer. A magical place where for hundreds of years people have enjoyed the mineral laden warm waters that constantly well from the earth’s interior.

Today is about indulgence, soaking in the warm mineral water of the Waikite Valley, perhaps a short walk or two in the vicinity. If you want to get up and go check our Rotorua guide for inspiration.



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