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Kaituna Cascades Rafting in Rotorua

Take the plunge, unleash the holiday spirit and raft the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world with Kaituna Rafting. The Kaituna River is home to Tutea Falls, a roaring juggernaut 7 metre high waterfall daring the raft to take the drop. Professional rafting guides enjoy finding your wild side as you take on the challenge of Tutea. No rafting experience is needed, all that is required is a change of clothes.

Thrills start on arrival with a large screen video capturing the exhilarating drop of 7 metres over the Tutea waterfalls. It’s all on with a comprehensive safety briefing laced with humour to relax slightly nervous rafting novices. No rafting experience required, zero just the spirit of adventure and a great guiding team led by Kaituna Cascades team.

It is hop, skip and jump in the bus (100 metres) and plunge into the Kaituna River just below the dam weir and the first of several rapids.  The  Kaituna river choregraphics the rafts movement. Combined with adroit prompts from the guide the raft is positioned for the showcase jump down the Tutea falls. Thrills and potential spills and the letting go of emotion as you surface the swirling pools below. The Tutea falls roar in concert as you scream in triumph about your descent. More rapids and fun rafting with the finish an invitation to jump into a pool from a cliff face. Go on, you can do this as you’ve just rafted the highest commercial waterfalls in the world.

Dizzy with the success you are greeted on your return to Kaituna Cascades quarters with the large screen playing a loop of photographs of your rafting adventure. A perfect finish.

Kaituna Cascades, an original New Zealand adventure company specialising in rafting Rotorua’s rivers is a must-go destination.

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