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Art & Heritage

Te Puia geothermal centre & Maori Art and Craft Institute

  • 3 minutes

What to do and see in Te Puia geothermal centre

Temptation, beautiful jewelled objects would make a perfect holiday memento. And then there is the sheer power of a geyser blowing its top. Te Puia, part of the Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley, Te Puia is home to the New Zealand Māori Arts & Crafts Institute and is the place to view up close the well known Pōhutu Geyser Offering both day and evening experiences that can be purchased as a combo package. This is one of the only places in Rotorua where you can witness master carvers bringing their work to life.

Te Puia geothermal centre highlights

  • Maori arts and crafts in action with master carvers and students working in open spaces where the public can interact with the sessions making for a superb experience in a living culture
  • A kiwi house & viewing enclosure
  • Explore Te Whakarewarewa’s Geothermal Valley and Pōhutu geyser
  • Traditional Māori hangi meal
  • Cultural performances

Te Puia offers evening tours providing a natural multi- sensory encounter with geothermal energy. It is a popular way to let your senses take charge and appreciate the timeless beauty of the earth’s core energy.

There is a restaurant Pātaka Kai serving fresh coffee and lunch as well as a buffet dinner catering for all tastes on Friday and Saturday evenings. Sunday brunch and all day breakfast has become a popular local hangout.

The kiwi enclosure is a great way for families to meet the endangered nocturnal kiwi. The interactive enclosure with its darkened enclosures, video action and attractive bush setting is a polished, professional visitor experience. If you are an overseas visitor who really wants to see the elusive kiwi or a local who’s never seen a Kiwi, Te Puia provides the perfect opportunity to make it happen. Now you can get a really close look at these endangered birds and find out how the sanctuary is contributing to the bird’s well being.
Āhua Māori Art Gallery, New Zealand @Te Puia
Āhua Māori Art Gallery @Te Puia


A professional tourist attraction meeting the standards of any international art gallery. Ahua meets the highest standards of artistic excellence and is uniquely Māori, Āhua art gallery showcases the range of taonga (treasure) Māori objects created by resident Master carvers,   weavers and lead tutors. There is the reassurance of authentic pieces with opportunities to listen to the stories behind the creation of displayed works. For special occasions talk to the gallery about commissioned art works.


Te Puia and Whakarewarewa Living Village offer differing versions of contemporary Maori immersive visitor experiences in the culture and values of Aotearora’s original inhabitants. While one is a village where daily lives are influenced by nature’s power, the other, Te Puia is a major storehouse of traditional skills for arts and crafts with teachers, narrators and students willingly illustrating age-old skills in carving, jewellery making and traditional weaving skills. Complementary not competing marks the two tourist attractions sharing the same geothermal field. For visitors interested in living communities check out Ohinemutu, Rotorua Village & St Faiths Church, trip guide: Best Bits.


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