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Hobbiton attraction, things to do and what to see

  • 4 minutes

Waikato, North Island

Waikato top sight

Hobbiton is one of New Zealand’s premier attractions. The Hobbiton movie set and film location for the Lord of the Rings trilogy is the recreated village for fantasy people, Hobbits.

Hobbit hole, Matamata, Waikato, New Zealand
Hobbit hole, NZ

Is it worth going to Hobbiton, New Zealand?

Visitors are going to a film set location with over 44 Hobbit dwellings nestled into the hillsides with their characteristic round doors. The attraction is accessible only through guided tours.


Auckland & Beyond Tours – The Hobbiton Movie Set Day Tour – Ex Auckland

Hobbiton Day Tour – Late Morning Start – Ex Auckland or Rotorua

Hobbiton & Hamilton Gardens Day Tour from Auckland

Can you walk around Hobbiton by yourself?

Visitors cannot walk around Hobbiton by themselves. The guided tour guide is very firm about keeping to the path, not entering any Hobbiton hole (unless on a specifically designated guided tour).


Auckland & Beyond Tours – The Hobbiton Movie Set Day Tour – Ex Auckland

Hobbiton Day Tour – Late Morning Start – Ex Auckland or Rotorua

Hobbiton & Hamilton Gardens Day Tour from Auckland

Hobbiton, Waikato early spring blooms, rolling pastoral views, Matamata, Waikato, New Zealand
Hobbiton, Waikato early spring blooms, rolling pastoral views, NZ
Hobbit house, Hobbiton, Matamata, Waikato, New Zealand
Hobbit house, NZ

What does the Hobbiton tour do?

The Hobbiton tour is focused on the daily lives of fantastical Hobbit characters. The tour price is not cheap for an hour and half guided walk.

Want to visit the Waikato, Hobbiton from Auckland as you are short on time?

Join one of the great tours leaving from Auckland. You have the option of including the Waitomo Caves in the tour. It’s a long day yet you get to see two top attractions in one day.

The Hobbiton tour commences with a short bus ride to the Hobbiton village. The guide explains the guide guidelines and there is a short video introducing you to the fim director Sir Peter Jackson and Russell Alexander the property owner. The majority of tour is a walk around the village. There is fifteen minutes in the Green Dragon Inn where visitors are offered liquid refreshments.

Auckland & Beyond Tours – The Hobbiton Movie Set Day Tour – Ex Auckland

Hobbiton Day Tour – Late Morning Start – Ex Auckland or Rotorua

Hobbiton & Hamilton Gardens Day Tour from Auckland

Does Hobbiton have things to do apart from walking around the village?

Hobbiton is not Disneyland with themed rides and things to do. The village set is static.

Hobbiton village is beautifully maintained with over 44 Hobbit ‘holes’ or doorway entrances. Each dwelling reflects the nature of the job the Hobbits have from the baker, the shoemaker, the gardener to local village drunk.

Waikato rolling farmland near Hobbiton, Matamata, Waikato, New Zealand
Waikato rolling farmland near Hobbiton, NZ
Hobbit house, Hobbiton Waikato New Zealand
Hobbit house, Hobbiton Waikato New Zealand

Is the Hobbiton tour expensive?

The tour price is in excess of NZ$100 for just over an hour guided tour.

How far away from the nearest town is Hobbiton?

Hobbiton is in the countryside located on the Alexander’s working farm. It is approximately 9 km from the small town of Matamata. There are regular pickups from the Matamata visitor information centre. Matamata has the interesting Firth Tower & open air historical village within 15 minutes walk from the visitor centre.

According to the guides over 40% of the visitors have not seen any of the movies. (The first movie was released in December 2001).  And even more have not read the books, Lord of the Rings. While visitors could be attracted to the concept of a movie set location Hobbiton is not a theme park, There are no people dressed as Hobbits or interactive activities such as rides, events or shows to watch. Effectively visitors are walking for an hour with the guide pointing out where film scenes were filmed.

Hobbiton view from lookout as you enter the film location, Matamata New Zealand
Hobbiton view from lookout as you enter the film location, Matamata, New Zealand

The guides are very polished and professional; it is no mean feat sheparding a bus load of visitors around a village and ensuring everyone is following the rules. The bus load of tourists is 30 plus visitors in any one group.

Green Dragon Inn, Hobbiton, Matamata, Waikato, New Zealand
Green Dragon Inn, Hobbiton, NZ

Can you go inside a Hobbit Hole?

Not really, one door is open and you can peer inside. The actual interior film scenes were shot in the Welllington Weta Workshop film studios. Hobbiton has not recreated any interiors for visitors to either wander around or view.

Can you visit Hobbiton year round?

Yes, you can visit Hobbiton year round with the guide offering umbrellas in case it rains. While you are outside for the duration of the tour the paths are reasonably firm although firm footwear is strongly recommended due to the potential to slip on the muddy boardwalks.

There is a cafe on site and a gift shop brimming with merchandise from the Lord of the Rings trilogy and movies. For die-hard buffs of Lord of the Rings HOBBITON is a must-go destination.

Watermill in winter, Hobbiton, Matamata, Waikato, New Zealand
Watermill in winter, Hobbiton, NZ

Is Hobbiton a child friendly, family friendly attraction?

Hobbiton is child-friendly and the imagination of children will be gripped by a fantasy world of tiny people living in dwellings, ‘holes’ dug into the hillsides. However, if the kids are expecting themed entertainment they will be disappointed.


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