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Abandoned, ghosts, spooky places to visit in New Zealand

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New Zealand

Abandoned, ghosts, spooky places New Zealand does not need ancient ruins with plenty of places to visit to add a touch of drama to your holiday.

New Zealand delivers old abandoned villages where people’s lives are now grassy mounds.

Old Coach Rd, now Opepe Reserve walking track, New Zealand
Old Coach Rd, now Opepe Reserve walking track, New Zealand

Opepe Reserve is one of the ten best walks in the Bay of Plenty, North Island and the site of a significant village (Maori pa). Everyone is now relaxing on the white sandy Opepe beach while the hilltop and its buried inhabitants watch in silence.

New Zealand’s Pompeii, a village buried under the ash and pyroclastic flow of the 1886 Mt Tarawera volcanic eruption. The eruption ended the lives of over 120 people. The sheer terror of a volcanic eruption is forceful. New Zealand’s Pompeii is not ancient; rather it is yesterday’s news with a photographer capturing the sheer horror. Catastrophe always makes for a great tourist attraction.

Cemeteries – where the bodies are buried

Intrepid 19th century gold miners, prospectors with their forgotten graves, communities that have disappeared with the only physical evidence is an overgrown cemetery. When I’m exploring a cemetery I watch where I walk. There is something oddly disconcerting about walking on someone’s grave. You feel as though you are intruding on their personal physical space.

Abandoned places

No one is at home, the door is swinging ajar. The place is derelict and abandoned. You hesitate to enter, you wonder if you will find a decaying body or ghosts

Ghosts, spooky places



The art of decay, image ‘library’

Our series of odd, fascinating & unusual places in New Zealand


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