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Day 3

Tongariro National Park - Chateau Tongariro armchairs

Tongariro National Park @Flip Flop Wanderers Tongariro National Park @Flip Flop Wanderers
Chateau Tongariro High Tea @Visit Ruapehu Chateau Tongariro High Tea @Visit Ruapehu

The majestic mountain Mt Ngauruhoe is a striking landmark, a highlight of the famous multi-day tramp, the Tongariro Crossing. Summer in the mountains is glorious with the temperatures between 18c to 25c making walking comfortable. While the sun is not scorching you will need sun protection as well as a layer for the occasional brisk nip in the air. Winter white snow with tints of ivory are magical to look at. Remember to follow winter safety advice for the great outdoors. There are a number of short walks in the vicinity of Chateau Tongariro giving visitors a chance to work up an appetite for afternoon tea ensconced in the depths of the Chateau Tongariro armchairs.

TIP: Active holiday enthusiasts have an alternative all day cycling adventure exploring the Ohakune Old Coach Road. For members of a group where there is not general ethusaism for an all day bike ride a meeting point could be Ohakune. Explore the shops and vibrant village rendezvous

STAY: Tokannua



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