3 days 2 nights

Weekend in Napier:
a premier destination
for couples

Trip Length:3 days, 2 nights
Weather in Napier:Kāmera ipurangi Webcams
Getting around:Vehicle either car or rented bike. Napier is a regional town with a scattered infrastructure making it difficult to get around the town without some form of personal transport. This weekend is designed to be undertaken in conjunction with a vehicle or bicycle.
Best time to visit:Year round

Where is Napier (Ahuriri)

About Trip
Weekend in Napier
A premier destination for couples

You need a fedora hat, a love of all things pink, soft baby blue, an appetite for food and feast. Your life will be richer as you have:

  • Acquired fabulous possum clothing – all in a good cause
  • Explored Maori heritage site
  • Eaten as much as possible with a few sips of wine to help it all down
  • Relaxed into the vibe of the 1920’s with the assistance of Art Deco Napier

Napier – Port Ahuriri sunset @Kerry

Arrive Friday Afternoon
Friday Afternoon - Evening
Settling in

Ahuriri estuary walking track Ahuriri Estuary Walking Track: Napier area, Hawke’s Bay region is going to get the taste buds working with a leisurely flat stroll at dusk to check out the local birdlife. Wading birds include shags, kingfishers, grey herons, royal spoonbills and pied stilts, estuary dwellers and the life between the water and land is on full view.

Ahuriri Estuary @milesteppin


East Pier Hotel @Booking


Ahuriri is a place imbued with history. Inhabited for hundreds of years the area provided shelter and food sources for Maori. The shallow harbour was safe anchorage for ships trading with the Hawkes Bay. Since the 1931 earthquake forced the relocation of the Port to its current site the area became a hub for industrial activity and warehousing. Today Ahuriri renaissance sees repurposed warehousing into retail outlets, shops and art stores.

Saturday Morning
Art Deco

Art Deco exploration is a must when visiting Napier. You will have stopped by the Ahuriri National Tobacco building to glimpse the combination of art nouveau curved doorway tipped with roses adorning an art deco sunburst. It is an elaborate confection of Art Deco now a photo favourite. Moving onto Napier’s waterfront your Art Deco exploration will discover the Soundshell public pavilion and the nearby statue of Pania of the Reef, (1950’s European view of Maori cultural narratives). Pania has echoes of Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid.

Soundshell public pavilion @The west Australian

Saturday Afternoon
Opossum world
Retail therapy

Opossum World is a museum, taxidermy displays and a diorama of stuffed possums explaining the possum birth process. The unambiguous narrative is possums are terrible for New Zealand flora and fauna. The introduced animal, with no natural predators is steadily munching its way through kiwi chick eggs, birds and anything that gets in its way of consuming 21,000 tonnes of foliage a night.

Opossum World @TripAdvisor

Saturday Evening
Art escape
Art Deco Fans Taradale

View the Seawalls street art, a project created to help bring the beauty and the plight of the world’s oceans into streets around the globe via art and activism. “Seawalls project took place in two stages: the first, in March 2016, saw national and international artists transform 29 blank walls in the CBD and Ahuriri. Their work poignantly addressed such issues as over-fishing, plastics and pollution, global climate change and habitat loss. It was a stunning success and so the following year NCC commissioned more artists and a further 21 murals were painted.

Sea Walls – Napier’s Spectacular Street Art @Trippin’ Turpins


Pacifica restaurant @panpacifichanoi

Back on Marine Parade, Napier you will experience New Zealand on a plate tonight. Step inside a modest weathered, bright-blue bungalow that is home to Pacifica. Focusing on local produce, this is the place to find genuine NZ cuisine in a casual environment. From seating to food and exemplary service, this makes for a perfect cohesion involving all aspects of the dining experience. Relax and savour your Napier weekend.

Sunday Morning
Let's get a culture vibe going
Napier to Waimarama distance: 45 km 44 minutes

A morning spent immersed in the Maori heritage of the Hawkes Bay with Hawke’s Bay Tours | Waimarama Maori Tours | New Zealand Tours, “Experience real New Zealand Maori culture with a unique insight into a day in the life of a Maori elder. Kaumatua are the elders in Maori society, and are respected for their knowledge of tribal history and traditions.

Hawkes Bay @escape

Sunday Afternoon
Back to home

It’s time to return home, back to the working week. Perhaps you’ve time for a Napier cycle tour to get a last glimpse of Art Deco Napier, the waterfront and marine parade. Or you have a few moments to check out the local shops. Napier is a great family destination with glorious beaches, Cape Kidnappers and the gannets, paddle boarding and safe shallow estuaries for children to swim in.

Ahuriri, Napier, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand


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