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Auckland 5 heritage short walks

  • 3 minutes

North Island, New Zealand

Auckland City Council has produced a number of brochures outlining the walking route, type of walk and duration in Heritage and city walks. There are over 15 heritage walks within Auckland. Some of these walks include:

Auckland harbour walk, New Zealand
Auckland harbour walk, Auckland, NZ
  1. Auckland heritage shoreline walk

Auckland’s original shoreline is radically different due to reclamation and the construction of the Harbour Bridge. Explore almost vanished pathways. The original shoreline in Auckland has been changed dramatically by reclamation works in the 19th to early 20th centuries, the development of rail connections, and the construction of the Harbour Bridge and motorway in 1950s and 60s. The marinas and commercial wharves, which now stretch from Westhaven through to Judge’s Bay, are very different from the foreshore sighted by the first settlers to Auckland. Ta-maki Herenga Waka – ‘Ta-maki – the Destination of Voyagers’ is an ancient name for the Auckland Isthmus … check out Auckland City Council brochure in travel pack section.

  1. Auckland Literary Heritage trail

This walk is fun as you can find the holiday cottage behind State of Siege by Janet Frame in Oneroa, Waiheke or Frank Sargeson’s house on Esmonde Road.

@The Janet Frame House
@The Janet Frame House
  1. Browns Bay heritage walk

Originally a holiday seaside resort for Auckland who travelled by boat to enjoy picnics and relax on the beach. Peter and Mary Brown local settlers offered visitors overnight accommodation and later sub-divided their land. Baches grew and the suburb came into being.

Mangere bridge in South Auckland, New Zealand
Mangere bridge, Auckland, NZ
  1. Mangere Bridge walk from Pre-European settlement to the present

Mangere Bridge (from Onehunga) to Mangere Ihumatao Foreshore.

You have an opportunity for city dwellers to view nature and the immense variety of bird life in New Zealand without leaving the city.  Nature is at our doorstep as well walk in the footsteps of human activity going back 800 years or more.

  • Bird watch alert
  • Where migratory birds are in their thousands.
  1. Getting to Mangere Bridge

    Catch the AT Auckland city train network link to Onehunga.  Stroll through the historic main street of Onehunga, perhaps a stop at the many cafes onto the Mangere Bridge foot access to the foreshore.

    NOTE: Currently under restoration however the underpath attached to the motorway is open.

    What to see and do in Mangere bridge walk

    • The restored shell banks and wading birds
    • Historic stone gardens of pre-European Maori settlement, known as Otuataua Stonefields
    • Ambury Regional Park with its picnic areas


    Allow up to 2 hours one way.

The Watercare Coastal walkway wanders past the working farm Ambury. There are grassy areas between the animal pastures for children to view the animals.

You will be following a metallised track around the farm and out where it joins the foreshore.

Over 300,000 native trees have been planted as a restoration project, together with flax, grasses and vegetation local to the area.

There are bird hides for the keen bird watchers who frequent the track. The peak of the bird population is March when the birds from the South Island arrive. It is estimated that about a quarter of the national bird wading population is present in March.

The track follows the shoreline and detours inland to the Mangere lagoon which features a bird roost in the centre of the lagoon.

You are almost halfway to the Otuataua Stonefields which is a significant historical site for human habitation. Maori stone structures and mounds are arranged in garden borders and walls to reflect and retain the heat for root vegetables, taro and kumara.

The walk does not get a lot of visitors and you will be surrounded by the Auckland harbours, the birds and visit a site of tremendous heritage significance for the Tainui Maori.

Mangere lagoon, Auckland, New Zealand
Mangere lagoon, Auckland, NZ
  1. Symonds Street Cemetery heritage walks

The significance of Symonds Street cemetery is it’s one of New Zealand’s oldest urban cemeteries, Symonds Street Cemetery was Auckland’s main burial ground from 1842 until Waikumete Cemetery opened in 1886.


Check out the brochure for kids to explore Symonds Street Cemetery in the travel pack section.


Acknowledging the treasure trove of heritage walking trail brochures prepared by Auckland City Council check here and lace up the boots, Explore Auckland’s history with these 10 great heritage walks – OurAuckland. Check out walking inspiration, Auckland 3 must-go favourite short walks.

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Auckland City Council brochures:


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