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Wellington to Napier weekend road trip

The Wool Shed National Museum

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@thewoolshedmasterton @thewoolshedmasterton

Wool is the backbone of the economy and the Wool Shed Interactive Centre answers all questions you might have about wool and shearing. A reminder of the importance of wool is the enormous statue of a shearer with his shorn sheep as you enter Masterton. The National Museum of Sheep and Shearing is hands-on, touch, feel and walk through a genuine woolshed. A must see attraction for New Zealand and Australian visitors interested in what is an important part of our economic culture. And it is not boring, a great woolly based gift shop. The Wool Shed Museum is open seven days a week from 10.00am to 4.00pm. Admission fee applies, entrance to the gift shop is free.

  • Two authentic old wool sheds trucked in from local farms, plus a newly constructed gallery building – full of sheep farm gear, including shearing and wool handling equipment.
  • Displays describing the history of sheep farming and its importance to our nation. For many years New Zealand was said to “live off the sheep’s back.” The economy is broader now, but sheep are still important and their story is fascinating.
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