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Ladies Beach, Rotoroa Island, New Zealand 2 days 1 night

on Rotoroa Island

Trip Length: 2 days, 1 night
Start: Auckland Ferry Terminal
Finish: Auckland Ferry Terminal
  • Island time
  • Glimmering city lights contrast with sense of space and quiet
  • A place where nature is in ascendency
  • Hauraki Gulf, sweep of the sea and sky
Best time to visit: Year round
About Trip
If you had only one island to visit
Where would you go?

Rotoroa Island, a treasure in the Hauraki Gulf is a short ferry ride away from New Zealand’s largest city. As the Fullers Ferry pulls away from the Auckland Harbour wharf your weekend starts with a sense of letting go of the anchors of urban life. Urban routines slip quietly, without protest into the waters of the Hauraki Gulf. The ferry passengers’ palpable sense of excitement is scattered smiles and a rush to view the disappearing city as the ferry moves into the harbour. Backpacks, cycles (for visitors going to Waiheke Island) and the gear of holidays is haphazardly piled among the passengers. The ferry has a stop at Waiheke Island as part of its Hauraki Gulf circuit.

Rotoroa Island

Rotoroa Island observing
Guided ranger tour

Things to do on Rotoroa Island include observing endangered bird and animal species who are free to wander throughout the Island. The visitors are controlled and told how to behave, the local inhabitants set the pace, wekas are known to cheekly invite themselves into your accommodation to see what you are doing. There is a heritage trail, complete with a museum to wander through. Hiking, swimming and volunteering are encouraged and, for fishing enthusiasts, great spots to try your hand at catching your evening meal.

Tieke Saddleback

Walking tracks
Panoramic views

The walking tracks range from easy to medium grade walks. There are relatively few steps however there are hill climbs which offer the walker sweeping panoramic views of the Hauraki Gulf with Auckland, as a speck on the distant horizon. Your walks are vistas from small coves where you view boats at anchor to a wider sight of the Gulf ferries busy transporting passengers around the Islands. The City of Sails is an apt description of Auckland when you are perched on an Island promontory watching the billowing sails of the yachts.

Easy walks to steep tracks, Rotoroa Island

Mid afternoon departure
Back to Auckland

Reluctantly you pack your bags, you check that you are carrying all your rubbish back with you, any food scraps or plastic containers. Then you take a moment to sit outside in the warmth of the spring weather to listen to the bird song. The tui decides you need a farewell and starts up a chorus which continues as the tui’s girlfriend takes an interest in the entertainment. You are close enough to the tui to witness the bird’s throat vibrating with the power of song. The Island sings as you savour your final weekend moments on Rotoroa.

Tui perched on Kowhai tree

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