Kerikeri, New Zealand @marcst84 3 days 2 nights

Short break in Kerikeri:
at Wharepuke Sculpture Garden
& Studio

Duration:3 days, 2 nights
Getting there:Fly from Auckland.

Drive the scenic route past ancient Kauri trees, farms and towns such as Whangarei with a wealth of temptations to stop and stay awhile.

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About Trip
Weekend in Kerikeri
At Wharepuke Sculpture Garden & Studio

Kerikeri is a year round destination where winter is banished. The choice of what you do ranges from heritage exploration or tapping into the local art scene. Kerikeri with its direct flight connections to Auckland is a perfect weekend escape for art buffs, a lazy weekend where you can simply collapse with a good book into garden spaces or take leisurely walks around Kerikeri finding heritage nuggets.

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Relax. Your accommodation is nestled within a garden of national significance. Take a walk through a lush subtropical garden past exhibits strategically placed among native and exotic plants. The outdoor gallery artworks are crafted with wood, stone, ceramics, glass, metal, plastic, sound and print. The exhibitions are refreshed several times throughout the year.

Kerikeri @Real Kerikeri

Local and seasonal products

Just a few short steps from your accommodation is MĀHA where fresh, local and seasonal products await the palate. Ingredients are folded together creating a Japanese influenced flavour merged or fused with Italian and Spanish cooking techniques. Fusion cooking at its best in natural open air surrounding where bird song is an evening treat.

@MĀHA at wharepuke

You are spoiled for choice what to do and see

Breakfast is a casual continental affair supplied by your hosts. By mid morning it’s time for a restorative coffee. The Pear Cafe situated in the Kororipo Heritage Park is the perfect place to start the day’s exploration. Your accommodation is less than 10 minutes from the heritage precinct giving visitors an opportunity to dip into precinct activities and return to their accommodation for a nap. Simply stroll through history and walk in the footsteps of human occupation. It is an extraordinary place for both locals and overseas visitors as artifacts, buildings and archeological elements create a visitor lived in experience.

Kororipo Heritage Park @Chris McLennan

The excitement of entering a creative space

The pleasure of decorative objects and art works is a buzz. The cool blues and greens of the New Zealand landscape, the vibrant burst of flower power colour, the use of blacks, grays and half tone whites all bring to mind the place the artists call home. Kerikeri will not disappoint. Your accommodation is the home to an internationally recognised print maker and he is part of the Northland creative community.

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Cafe Jerusalem
Night dinner

A bit of the middle east crafts contemporary cuisine with flair using locally sourced ingredients. For individuals with gluten intolerance or vegetarian this is a must go destination for foodie lovers. For the rest of us it is a taste of difference where you are encouraged to sample platters of goodness. Forward bookings are strongly recommended for this very popular cafe/restaurant.

@Cafe Jerusalem

Exploring the area
Kerikeri River walking track

Today is about exploring the area, there are two walks within ten minutes of your accommodation. The Kororipo Pa heritage walk with the opportunity to enjoy sweeping views of the Kerikeri inlet waterways, explore the Pa site and perhaps drop down to Pear Cafe (Kororipo Precinct) for a coffee before embarking on the Kerikeri Walking Trail in search of a waterfall. Your hosts will be happy to open their studio for a personal viewing. Preeminent print works can be easily couriered to your home or perhaps boxed for the road trip.

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Sunday afternoon

Reluctantly you return home with a promise to make your way back to Kerikeri to further explore the area or just indulge yourselves in a special place where the wood pigeons roost and the only sound is the rustle and tinkling of creek water.

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@Wharepuke Subtropical Accommodation

Wharepuke Sculpture Park- Art Park Kerikeri is your weekend accommodation. Light airy chalets are nestled within a tropical garden. Over five acres of mature garden, sculptures embedded among native trees, a restaurant and the enthusiasm of an artist makes for a memorable Kerikeri visit. Wharepuke offers accommodation in several chalets dotted throughout the garden. A quiet artistic retreat in the winterless North is appealing. The garden is now designated as a garden of national significance.

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  • Kororipo heritage park and historic precinct. A unique cluster of Maori and Christian missionary contact period places and structures, including the fortified pa (village) Kororipo pa and associated sites rivals Waitangi for its historical significance. There are many archeological sites within the Basin and its waterways. Prior to European arrival the waterways were the coastal settlement of Hongi Heka of NgaPuhi, a pivotal figure in New Zealand history in the 1820s and 1830s. The waterways were a traditional transport route to the Taiamai Plains.

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