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Kiore Tunnel only 3 metres wide, breathe in while driving Kiore Tunnel only 3 metres wide, breathe in while driving
Makahu Tunnel @papapopolsce Makahu Tunnel @papapopolsce

Kiore Tunnel

Explore the side roads, stop and view the landscapes, take the side roads and go on a tunnel hunt. It is definitely worth a drive through.

TIP: Do not rely on google maps as mobile coverage is sporadic.

TIP: Ensure you have downloaded a map or have a physical paper copy road map of the area before departing Taumarunui.


Makahu Tunnel was the main access to the Makahu and Puniwhakau Valleys in the early 1990’s. You can still view the hand cut sides, the timber trusses supporting the tunnel. It is very narrow and an adventure to drive or walk through. Walking, be careful as visibility for oncoming vehicles is very poor. The tunnel is about 15 km from your destination Strathmore, take a side road to Makahu and continue on to Upper Mangaehu Road.

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