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New Zealand journey planner; a selection of NZ pre-prepared itneraries, ready to go trips

Let’s get you started on how to map out and plan the holiday to New Zealand. Where to start the journey and the fear of missing out, FOMO can ruin the best holiday plans. Here is a brief summary ...

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New Zealand itinerary 2 weeks, 14 days top sights

New Zealand holiday, indepth, immersive from Rotorua’s hot pools to stunning South Island scenery.

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New Zealand itinerary 7 days (1 week) top sights, attractions

A whistle stop, one week New Zealand holiday. The top sights are the Southern Alps, Rotorua’s unique volcanic activity, Maori cultural activities and a chance to find a unique gift that reflects ...

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Power of the Dog film locations, places to go

Discover Aotearoa New Zealand’s scenery triumphs in the oscar winning film Power of the Dog. Scenery, captured beautifully by kiwi director Jane Campion is an integral part of the phenomenal ...

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