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Odd, spooky, unusual

Hand picked inspiration

Ghosts, Haunted, Spooky New Zealand Hotels

Ghosts haunting hotels is a recurring theme when guests have lost their lives in a fire, displeased with the actions of the new owners or have been murdered. Perhaps the hotel is the favourite ...

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Waikato the odd, unusual, fascinating and quirky

Waikato’s got it nailed with fascinating Waikato quirky museums. Have you considered touring a dairy farm? That draws you back for more. Celebrate New Zealand’s industrial heart with a dairy farm ...

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Waikato quirky cool collections, oddities, museums places to go

Discover a fascinating location for a cafe nestled amidst 1950’s memorabilia celebrating the hayday of petrol signage, 1950’s cars and milk bars in Hamilton or wander through Otorohanga, a town ...

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Abandoned, ghosts, spooky places to visit in New Zealand

Abandoned, ghosts, spooky places New Zealand does not need ancient ruins with plenty of places to visit to add a touch of drama to your holiday.

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