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Orakei Korako

  • 2 minutes

North Island, New Zealand

Can’t get enough of geothermal marvels, join a tour or drive to Orakei Korako and enjoy a day exploring one of Taupo’s lesser known natural thermal attractions. Discover North Island’s hidden valley, Orakei Korako. Geysers, boiling mud pools to warm waterfalls cascade through lush native bush and down glittering brightly coloured mineral hillsides.

  • High arces of super heated steam shoot into the sky as active geysers.
  • Brightly coloured silic terraces gleam with boiling water bathing the terraces with highly mineralised water.
  • The cascading streams in the native bush hills are warm to the touch.

Orakei Korako allows dogs to view the geothermal activity.

Orakei Korako lake, New Zealand
Orakei Korako lake, New Zealand

Orakie Korako is a highlight of Rotorua to Taupo: Geothermal Scenic Highway. The day trip from either Taupo or Rotorua is highly recommended. The area is home to large geothermal caves, native bush with bird song and a picturesque lake with steaming hot vents. Wander through the Hidden Valley and visit the thermal Ruatapu Cave which extends more than 36m down into volcanic tuff to the ‘Waiwhakaata’ or ‘Pool of Mirrors’ hot pool at the bottom.



The lake is dotted with steaming quiet streams where a natural foot massage is just the perfect way to relax.

Where is Orake Korako located?

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The Hidden Valley is in the North Island Central Volcanic Plateau between Taupo and Rotorua. Orakei Korako is 25 minute drive from Taupo and 45 from Rotorua, and a short side trip from State Highway 1 and State Highway 5.

Travel pack information

Hot Springs Algae, and Emerald Terrace, Orakei Korako, Rotorua, New Zealand
Hot Springs Algae, and Emerald Terrace, Orakei Korako, New Zealand
  • Please note that there is no public boat ramp at Orakei Korako. There is a public ramp at Tutukau Bridge on Tutukau Road, five minutes’ drive from the The Hidden Valley.
  • “Orakei Korako has been an important settlement site of Ngati Tahu for many generations. The settlement of Orakei Korako consisted of a fortified pa on the left bank above the river and a living area on the flats beside the river amidst the geysers and hot pools.

Ngati Tahu-Ngati Whaoa has a historical, cultural and contemporary association with geothermal resources within our traditional rohe…” source The History of Orakei Korako.


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