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Ruru shelter shed


The sole remaining building for the vanished saw milling / gold mining settlement of Ruru.

The shelter shed was a railway station, a platform and refreshment rooms. The box with its pitched roof occupies the still used railway tracks with regenerating bush behind the shed creating a poignant photo moment of use by date for the shelter shed. The building is on the route of the Tranz-Alpine tourist train.

For a ghostly story check Ghostly places.

The Hannah’s building (shoes) (1928) in Greymouth, was designed by Wellington architect Henry Johns. In 1989, the Hannah’s building was granted historic place category 2 status by Heritage New Zealand. The building is in a neoclassical style reinforcing the brand image as a stable solid business worthy of your patronage. The Irish immigrant Robert Hannah established his bootmaking business in Charleston [in 1868].

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