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Runanga Miner’s Hall

@Runanga Miner’s Hall

Runanga Miner’s Hall (1937) shouts to the world the values espoused by the members. The facade reaches to the sky with united we stand, united we fall. Miner’s right to strike, without the boot of police beating at strike lines and the right to a minimum wage were part and parcel of the organised labour movement in NZ. The historic hall has a category I status. The unionism of workers, the Runanga coal mine and socialists have an outstanding physical reminder of the history of the labour movement. The building is an integral part of the local community with the premises holding social events, concerts, shows and market days. Currently it is closed for renovations.


One of the country’s first cooperatively built premises, financial contributions from the State Miner’s Union, Greymouth business owners and the government.

A memorial service for the first Labour prime minister Michael Joseph Savage was held in the hall in 1940.

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