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Weta Workshop, Wellington

  • 2 minutes


Weta Workshop Tours & Weta Cave

Visit the home of movie-making magic in the heart of Wellywood.  Tucked away in Miramar, a short drive from Wellington’s city centre, Weta Workshop crafts physical effects for some of the world’s most renowned films and TV shows.  And, the doors are open for fans who want to see exactly how the magic is made.


Weta workshop is a MUST-DO adventure and a great reason to visit Wellington to tick off your bucket list of things to do in New Zealand.

Weta describes themselves as,’specialists in creating rich fictional worlds, our Design Studio is inspired by projects at any stage of development.  From blockbuster films and TV series, to public and private art sculptures, digital games, and immersive visitor experiences, we love to collaborate with our clients in service to their vision.’

And the BEST BIT, visitors get to experience fantasy worlds for themselves with guided tours and collectables.

  • Find out how the creative artistry is actualised into movie scenes
  • Discover the secrets of costume design
  • Explore the world of movie props and effects with an opportunity to try your hand at creating movie magic
  • Pull back the curtain on the collection of memorabilia from The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Avatar, King Kong, District 9 as you tour the museum housing the props and sets of blockbuster movies
  • Weta Workshop Unleashed invites visitors into the scary universe of a horror movie and sci-fi adventure. Scream your way into the joy of holiday horrors
  • The company is named after the New Zealand wētā, one of the world’s largest insects, which is featured in the logo and for more stories about the weta check out 12 odd, strange, peculiar New Zealand stories

How to get to Weta Workshop, Wellington?

Weta Workshop is located in the Wellington suburb of Miramar which is on a well supported public bus network (Metro).  For more information about shuttle buses for pre-booked visitors check out tours wetaworkshops.


Where to eat in Miramar, Wellington?

Make a day of your Weta Workshop tour with brunch / lunch at the onsite Karaka cafe. There a number of cafes in Miramar from a Mexican cantina to Greek inspired fusion cuisine and foodie cafes with great Wellington coffee on hand. Simply stroll down Park Street (main road leading to Weta Workshop) and adjoining side streets and check out chalkboard offerings.

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