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Short break in New Plymouth

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Duration:2 days, 1 night
Best time to visit:Year round – shopping is mostly indoors.

Spring for garden lovers who are interested including public gardens into the weekend itinerary.

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Weekend in New Plymouth
A favourite place for art and craft buffs to visit

A stunning Mount Taranaki dominates the plains of Taranaki making a great opening visual statement for the town. The mountain, the rolling hills, coastline and innovative architectural styles make this small town a favourite place for art and craft buffs to visit. While the town has 74,000 permanent residents New Plymouth and the surrounding Taranaki district has the heart of an international city with its cultural events and art galleries. Less than 5% of international visitors manage to get to New Plymouth which leaves plenty of space for visitors to binge on New Plymouth’s cultural attractions.

New Plymouth @Azamara

New Plymouth’s exploring

Get your walking shoes on and explore the art galleries, boutique shops and the quirky nature of New Plymouth’s central district and then it’s off to explore what the small towns of Eltham and Hawera have to offer.

Centre City Shopping Centre, New Plymouth @Visit Taranaki

Gallaries and lunch

Just a few short steps from your accommodation is MĀHA where fresh, local and seasonal products await the palate. Ingredients are folded together creating a Japanese influenced flavour merged or fused with Italian and Spanish cooking techniques. Fusion cooking at its best in natural open air surrounding where bird song is an evening treat.

The Museum of Contemporary Art @Conde Nast Traveler

New Plymouth
To Eltham and Hawera

HAWERA is a small settlement with less than 10,000 residents. The quirky character of the town, its support for art and crafts and two outstanding private museums is worth an afternoon spent pottering around Hawera. Hawera is the location for the largest dairy factory complex in the world, “Whareroa”, which has its own gas-fired power plant. The factory is not open for regular tours … yet. Your journey to Hawera is on the Surf Highway with black sand surf beaches making it a scenic drive between New Plymouth and Hawera.

Hawera Water Tower @TripAdvisor

Return to New Plymouth
Dinner at The Orangery

Return to New Plymouth with your recently acquired goodies wondering how on earth you are going to get that lovely 1950’s club chair onto the plane, you’re loving the fabulous jewellery and the acquired art where it is going to hang in your home?. New Plymouth eateries are a dining experience that would not feel out of place in Sydney or Auckland.

Dinner at The Orangery is fun. The use of flames makes for a magical evening where you feel as though you are out and about being entertained while enjoying the atmosphere of people laughing during food service. Flambe definitely breaks the ice and cooked at your table is a great way to relax into the evening. Dinner is open Monday-Saturday from 6pm-10pm booking are strongly recommended.

The Orangery @Plymouth International


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Perhaps your New Plymouth weekend is a special event, an anniversary or celebration for couples. Then King and Queen Hotel Suites: Home offers a magical place to build memories. The location is very convenient as it is in the heart of the town. The hotel is linked to the Nice Hotel and Table Restaurant through a lush tropical garden making it a great place to linger watching the world go by. To book or for further information click here for details King and Queen Hotel Suites: Home

Church Antiques & Allsorts

On your way to Hawera you pass Eltham. It is worth a detour. Eltham is a town characterised by its shuttered main street where there are more closed shops than open. It is a record of the twentieth century and the move of a butcher, baker and candlestick maker to the local supermarket which is located 40 minutes away in New Plymouth. Take a wander along Bridge Street checking out what is open and what is closed with the net curtains a clear indication of ceased trading. Eltham is also home to inspiring art galleries and design stores.

@The Bank

A brisk walk along the Coastal walkway
Walking options

A brisk walk along the Coastal walkway gives visitors an opportunity to observe the outdoor installations along the way. NEW PLYMOUTH COASTAL WALKWAY is a 13 km shared track beside a spectacular coastline finishing at Ngamotu Beach. Highlights include architecturally stunning Te Rewa Rewa Bridge and the Len Lye Wind Wand. Get inspired browsing Visit Taranaki detailed description of the walkway with where to go and how to walk. The walkway is a shared pathway with cyclists making it a great option to hire a bike for the day to explore New Plymouth.

Te Rewa Rewa Bridge, New Plymouth @Bing Wallpaper Gallery

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