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Reyburn House

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@ReyburnHouseArtGallery @ReyburnHouseArtGallery

A jewel in the town basin is the pretty Victorian colonial home, now the home of the Northland Society of Arts. The building is constructed from lapped Kauri weatherboards and internal walls framed using rough pit sawn Kauri scrim board. The classic tongue and groove Kauri floors, with their honey glow, have the patea of age. The original house had four bedrooms with additions being made in 1894 to extend the house. The veranda was added in the late 1890’s. Originally the verandah was painted in red and white stripes as per the fashion of the day.

The sculpture on the front lawn represents Lotte, James Reyburn’s youngest daughter, the first born in Reyburn (1874). The artist, Kpa Pothan, is chiseled from laminated sandstone sourced from Paradise Quarry in Portland. The commission was completed in 1990 and weighs three tonnes, plus another three tones for the base on which she sits.

Today Reyburn House Art Gallery has a monthly rotation of new exhibits. The Gallery has six exhibition areas. Four large rooms and two smaller areas. The permanent collection consists of 250+ works of well-known Northland or Northland-connected artists from Kitty Arini-Vane to Lois White, Yvonne Rust, Len Satherly, Thomas Drummond and others. The Northland Society of Arts maintains artist studios on the property, and conducts workshops. time. There is a fabulous gift marketing one of a kind art piece curated especially for the shop. For more information about the gallery click her Permanent Collection.

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