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Upper South Island loop road trip, Kaikoura, Marlborough returning to Nelson

Kaikōura to Blenheim

Salt Lake Grassmere Salt Lake Grassmere

Today you are following the coast to Blenheim.  The road hugs the coast with spectacular views of the ocean, sheer cliffs rising out of the sea and constant muted sounds of the sea. Then you swoop over the dry hills of Marlborough with its farms and rural countryside. As you near Blenheim peeping into view are vineyards and vats of wineries.

Lake Grassmere

For those interested in salt production you are passing Lake Grassmere, the largest producer of sea salt in New Zealand.  It is an extraordinarily beautiful sight with large uniform shallow ponds deepening to a vivid pink as they evaporate the sea water.  Then you view enormous mounds of triangular shaped salt. Dominion Salt is a pioneer in solar salt production. Leaders in the World’s Most Essential Mineral.

Currently there are no tours of the production facilities however take the signposted road to the salt works. If you email Dominion Salt about the possibility of a tour please keep us posted with your comments.  Drive past the salt works to Marfells beach.  You can walk to the beach and sea inlet to view lakes and salt pans. The view is beautiful. The glimmering salt pans with the mountains framing the background is a great photo opportunity.


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