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Southern Scenic Road Trip: Invercargill to Fiordland National Park


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Railway station @lumsdenheritagetrust Railway station @lumsdenheritagetrust

Lumsden is a scenic Victorian town on the Southern Scenic Route and the major cycling trail, “Around the Mountains.” For railway enthusiasts Lumsden is a must visit destination with a railway precinct and its growing collection of heritage rail locomotives and carriages. As a homage to transport the quirky Route 6 Cafe and Bar is rapidly becoming an icon for Highway 6.


  • Oreti River is a popular fishing, swimming and rowing water sport river. The river is home to one of the world’s rarest seagulls. Oreti River supports breeding colonies of endangered Black-Billed Gulls.The nearby Oreti and Aparima Rivers are the last stronghold of the worlds only endangered seagull – the Black Billed Gull. Source Land, Air, Water Aotearoa
  • Railway was an important aspect of Lumsden’s past, and the old railway station is now preserved as a tourist information centre with two Drewry diesel shunters and three wagons on display outside. The Lumsden Heritage Trust also has the chassis of New Zealand Railways steam locomotive P60 on display at the town’s southern entrance. One of the 1885 V class locomotives has been set up in front of the Lumsden Railway Precinct. Source: Lumsden hoists 1885 V-class locomotive from tonnes of river muck. Lumsden’s railway precinct has a very interesting road/rail trestle bridge, steam train water tower and lifting crane.
  • Lumsden has a long 9 – hole golf course with a competition in summer on Wednesday and Saturday. Visitors are welcome. The club is about 5km out of town on Highway 6 to Invercargill.


Lumsden Heritage Trust chair John Titter said they were lucky they could even attempt a recovery. In the wake of the First World War, the value of scrap metal was low so instead of being sold locomotives were dumped in rivers around the country to act as flood barriers.

To learn more about Lumsden check here What’s so great about Lumsden.


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