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Pacific Coast Highway road trip: Gisborne to Napier

Mahia Peninsula

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Mahia Peninsula white limestone cliffs Mahia Peninsula white limestone cliffs

Another detour where you might be beguiled into staying longer, especially if you have a surfboard. Mahia is a journey into the beach culture of a New Zealand summer holiday. The peninsula is a detour through farmland and remnants of lowland forest. Vistas open up to sweeping views of white cliff faces and the surf beaches of the Mahia Peninsula. The area was once an island; gradual sand accumulation formed New Zealand’s largest tombolo landscape. Watch the flurries of sand being whipped into the air. You can feel the particles busy at work building sand hills. The peninsula location is a surfing mecca gathering the swells into a bounty for wave chasers with left and right options. The majority of visitors are local North Island residents from Auckland / Napier and Hamilton. Fishing, surfing and bird watching are the main attractions for visitors.

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