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Inland Otago side roads exploration


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  • Organic apple roadside stalls
  • Horseshoe Bend swing bridge
  • Views of the Teviot Valley

What is summer without crisp, orchard fresh apples? When you visit Ettrick you are in the home of the New Zealand apple industry. The Central Otago climate with its brisk winter frosts and consistent warm dry summers has fostered a robust apple economy. The dry climate has led to several organic orchardists in the area. Look for orchard gate stalls for the freshest, crisp apples.


Many stalls work on an honesty box system whereby you insert cash into a locked box.

Ettrick is where the side roads lead to the Old Man Range. At the southern edge of Ettrick are panoramic views of the Teviot Valley. Things to do in Ettrick include the picturesque Horseshoe Bend Bridge Walk. The walk is 10 minutes from Ettrick. The old swing bridge is a favourite photo location. Or you can visit the Lonely Grave. There are plenty of myths surrounding the identity of the drowned young man. There are even versions of who found the body and buried the victim. Visit the site and read about the young man washed up on the riverside at Horseshoe Bend. The gravesite is 17 km out of Ettrick.

Lonely Grave Historic Reserve, near Millar`s Flat, Otago
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