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Restored Historic Lime Kilns

@Ulrich Lange Bochum Germany

Approximately 30 minutes from Dunedin CBD.

Take a short detour to visit historic lime kilns from 1865.

Track overview to Lime Kilns

  • Distance: 200m
  • Track type: Walking
  • Time: 5mins
  • Dogs: Dogs not allowed
  • Difficulty: easy

About this track

Built in 1865, the Sandymount Lime Kilns provide a fascinating diversion and an example of one of the best preserved lime kilns in the country. A short walk across farmland will bring you to the base of the kilns and provide excellent photo opportunities of the kiln and Harbour Cone in the distance.

“These lime kilns were in operation by the mid-late 1860s. Lime was extracted from a hill in the area and fired in the kilns. By the turn of the century kiln use had declined as it was more economic to extract lime from Milburn, south of Dunedin, which had the advantage of being near a railway line. In 1976 New Zealand Cement Holdings gifted the lower kiln, together with the adjacent limestone quarry to the Otago Peninsula Trust. Restoration work began and was supported by the NZ Historic Places Trust. The lime kiln is protected and maintained by the Otago Peninsula Trust and is open to the public to view.”  The Historic Places Trust publicity statement.

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