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Tangoio Beach

Hawke`s Bay, New Zealand

Fossick, beach walks and exploration of a coastal environment are key attractions for Tangoio. There are paths along the beach offering fantastic views of Hospital Hill and Napier. There is a prominent rock which is the star of a number of instagram posts aptly named ‘Flat rock.’ Further north on the original pre-European path to Wairoa is Stingray Bay and Punakarau (Tait’s) Beach, a beautiful scenic spot with golden sand. Moa bones, traces of kumara pits and other signs of Maori habitation have been found in this area.

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Tangoio Beach is a 9 minutes drive from White Pine Bush Scenic Reserve. White Pine Bush Scenic Reserve walks.

  • Short loop (800 m), 30 minutes

The short loop track has a grade and surface suitable for people using wheelchairs. This 650 m path, which takes in much that the reserve has to offer, should be completed in an anticlockwise direction. About halfway along the track, there are tables and chairs, a perfect spot to sit and listen to the songs of native birds while enjoying a picnic lunch.
Longer loop (1.6 km, 40 minutes). Follow the longer loop track to see some large kahikatea and a great view over parts of the reserve. This section of track is not suitable for wheelchairs. A picturesque stream and small waterfall are both visible from the track—sometimes small fish, eels and koura (freshwater crayfish) can be seen. Please do not touch the giant stinging nettle (ongaonga), especially in summer, when itโ€™s full of new growth. Despite their fierce reputation, nettles are the exclusive food of the red admiral butterfly. Source DOC online.

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