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Coromandel Lonely Bay beach, a hidden gem

Coromandel, North Island

Lonely Bay Beach is definitely remote. This is likely due to the steep track down to the beach and the fact the beach is not a safe swimming area for inexperienced swimmers due to sudden swells. Yet the drop death gorgeous beach is worthy contender in the beach beauty pageant contest.

Tiny, secluded, pristine with very few footsteps on the soft white sand flecked with crushed shells. The towering cliffs, dense native bush and gnarly beautiful ancient pohutukawas gracing the scene add to the charm of Lonely Bay Beach.

Wedding parties might interupt your solitude as Lonely Bay Beach is a popular photographer’s venue. The picturesque limestone boulders have witnessed many brides perched on the boulders for the perfect shot.

How to get to Lonely Bay Beach, Coromandel?
The track to Lonely Bay Beach starts at the Shakespeare Cliff Reserve. Shakespeare Cliff Reserve is past Cooks Beach on Purangi Rd. The road becomes narrower and is unsealed gravel. Beach access is via a steep unrailed track and good footwear is advised. And you are going to have to climb back the track afterwards. Of course any beach rivalling the well known Cathedral Cove in the good looks status has to be worth the effort getting there.

Shakespeare Cliff Reserve headland is one of the Coromandel’s photogenic locations for landscape views. Shakespeare Cliff Reserve has picnic tables with pohutukawa groves, public toilets and plaques detailing the history of the area. The reserve at Shakespeare Cliff is mobility friendly, but the track down to Lonely Bay is not and requires a decent level of fitness. Allow 30 minutes return from Shakespeare Cliff to Lonely Bay.

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