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Margaret Mahy Playground and other Christchurch play areas for kids of all ages

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Christchurch, Canterbury

The premier Margaret Mahy playground has top billing in 10 spectacular children’s playgrounds, things to see & do. The playground is named Margaret Mahy to honour the  prolific well known children’s author, Margaret Mahy.

A great destination for a day of free family fun.


Top sights at Margaret Mahy playground

  • Imagative landscaped area for adults and children to embrace play
  • 130 metre story arc pathway reflecting Margaret Mahy and Elsie Locke’s stories
  • 10 m high tower to climb the interior with viewing platforms of the Avon River
  • 4 m climbing slope with very wide stainless steel slides
  • In ground trampolines
  • Flying foxes to thrill the adventurous spirts
  • Water fountains to jump, skip and run through



Margaret Mahy playground water fun Christchurch, Canterbury

Plenty of space for impromptu picnics, parents and caregivers to relax or participate the sheer joy of play. The jetty on the Avon River provides opportunities to spy eels and water life.

Margaret Mahy playground water fun Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand
Margaret Mahy playground water fun Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

Must do activity young at heart regardless of age. The Margaret Mahy park is a must go destination. An imaginative use of space created by demolished earthquake damaged buildings is a space welcoming all ages to participate in double slides, tunnels for toddlers or balancing acts on posts, pillars and trampolines.

Margaret Mahy Playground is the largest playground in Australia or New Zealand. The challenge element in children’s play is part of the Margaret Mahey experience. This is a destination playground and a reason to holiday in Christchurch.

The playground is not fenced providing a flow between play and the busy cafe, shopping precinct of  Madras, Manchester and Armagh street. Opposite Margaret Mahy playground is a superb skate park.

What to do nearby Margaret Mahy playground, Christchurch?

Check out Christchurch holiday inspiration for families and budget is important consult Christchurch things to do for free – Best Bits.

Christchurch is home to several beachside playgrounds creating an easy summer holiday excursion to Brighton Beach or Scarborough Park. For families where budget influences holiday choices check out the host of free activities Christchurch things to do for free – Best Bits.

New Brighton Beach, Christchurch, NZ
New Brighton Beach, Christchurch, NZ


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