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Zealandia, wildlife sanctuary in Wellington — what to do


This article is a heartfelt ode to one of the world’s great sanctuaries and it is in Wellington.

South Island robin

As regional tourism states, “Arrive in Wellington and you’ll be greeted with birdsong. The sound of native birds in every tree in town can be heard thanks to some forward-thinking folk who created a pioneering sanctuary that’s turned back time on Wellington’s native environment.

Close up of a kiwi bird a flightless bird endemic to New Zealand

Visit, the world’s first fully-fenced ecosanctuary, ZEALANDIA is an incredible slice of wilderness that isn’t what you’d expect to find a few minutes’ drive from the central city, but Wellington is all about the unexpected.

Lower dam at Zealandia

When you visit a wildlife sanctuary the birds are wild and there is a possibility that the birds are not readily visible. It is recommended you are part of a guided tour. Make the most of your visit to ZEALANDIA with a guided tour! Enjoy all the sights and sounds of ZEALANDIA with an experienced guide who will lead you through the sanctuary valley. Soak up the beautiful scenery while learning more about New Zealand’s unique ecological history.

Fern Gully trail

Guided tours provide visitors with insights into the native bird, reptile and plant species that are thriving within the predator proof sanctuary. Tours can be enjoyed during the day, twilight and at night, and each provides a very distinct and unforgettable experience.

Duckling hiding in grass, early spring at Zealandia

Plus, every guided tour ticket comes with an additional General Admission pass, so you can enjoy the Sanctuary the day before, of, or after your tour!

Modern day dinosaur Tuatara resting in the sun at Zealandia Ecosanctuary

There are kids tours at dusk which could definitely be part of a school holiday treat while visiting Wellington

Zealandia is worth the journey.

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