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What to do at the beach, wellness treatment tips and treatment

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New Zealand

Summer holiday ideas spa treatment at the beach

Spa massage is glorious, the gentle exfoliation and rhythmic relaxation of muscles as heated oils soften and soak into the skin. Try out your own DIY beach massage. The ingredients are simple, a day at the beach.

Exfoliation, sand the natural beauty treatment
Exfoliation, sand the natural beauty treatment


Sand is a natural exfoliator. Sit by the water’s edge and rub wet sand onto your arms and legs in a small circular movement.

Do not rub the skin up and down as you want to stimulate the circulation system.

If you add a few drops of coconut oil to the wet sand it is even better.

Saltwater elements include magnesium, a natural moisturizer.


Forget the idea of artificial light or chemical tanners. Your natural skin colour from pale white to deep chocolate is beautiful. Add a glow with a dollop of vitamin D with a few moments sof sun-kissed warmth gently coating the skin with wrap around glow.

Protect your skin with natural sunblock and do not overdo the glow treatment.

Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin. Exposed skin makes Vitamin D from cholesterol as the ultraviolet B rays bath the skin. Handy to know a brief sunlight kiss is great for wellness energy elves.


Sunlight produces serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is part of the hormone balance creating feel good and well being feelings.

Naturally warmed sand wellness spa at the beach
Naturally warmed sand wellness spa at the beach

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Sand massage
Sand massage


The natural super hero for wellness treatment

  • Magnesium, calcium and potassium support skin wellbeing and are found in saltwater. These minerals help fight acne-causing bacteria and skin infections
  • Oily skins bathed in saltwater assists with excess oil and clogged pores
  • Eczema treatment and natural saltwater is helpful as magnesium is an natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial mineral to alleviate itching
  • Saltwater tightens the pores and acts as a cleanser to remove oil.


Salty water adds texture to hair and is a natural volumizer. To avoid dry ends, prepare your hair with moisturizers. Massage oils into the end of your hair, especially if it is longer.


Dig a shallow ‘bath’ at the mid tide range and enjoy the rush of saltwater as the tide washes over and flushes out the water at regular intervals. Your sun heated skin gets a cold rush of water stimulating the skin. It is an amazing feeling.

Bury part of your body in the warmed sun, protecting your skin and relax into the natural therapeutic warmth of the sun, sand and fresh air. To invigorate yourself rapidly cool down with a plunge into cool seawater.

As always care is needed to avoid excessive exposure and be safe at the beach.

The kids have the right idea, wellness treatment
The kids have the right idea, wellness treatment

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