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Art & Heritage

National museum of the royal New Zealand Navy


Torpedo Naval Museum attractions

An essential part of your day trip to Devonport is the Torpedo Naval Museum. It is fascinating for anyone interested in military history, World War II action in the Pacific and the history of New Zealand naval action.

Torpedo Naval Museum top sights

  • A family outing or a day exploring a Victorian suburb with a fascinating naval history
  • A museum with interactive exhibits, factsheets for younger viewers
  • Engagement with audiences with personal stories and memorabilia bringing the story of the New Zealand navy to life

National Museum of the Royal New Zealand Navy view fascinating details about the lives of sailors. Enjoy the chronological story of the growth of the NZ navy from pre World War I to the present. Customs and traditions are explained from the ship’s bell which was a critical timekeeping device. Before the introduction of a reliable clock to naval vessels, the passage of time was marked by striking a bell with paired clapper blows every time a half-hour sandglass was turned. The sea-day was divided into watches of four hour duration. Except for the dog watches of which there were two 1600-1800 & 1800-2000.

Devonport Naval Museum objects, Auckland, New Zealand
Devonport Naval Museum objects, NZ



Nearby is Rangitoto Ships Graveyard and Wreck Bay. The adjacent coastline of Rangitoto is a graveyard for at least 13 ships that were dumped between 1887 and 1947. The Rangitoto hulks are now protected as a significant historic heritage place. The best time to visit the wrecks ist low tide. The deeper wreckage just offshore attracts a variety of marine life, and can be appreciated by snorkelling or scuba diving.

For more information about Auckland heritage and places to go consult Amazing Auckland travel guide.

Gift shop & cafe

There is a gift shop and cafe on site. Devonport has a number of cafes and restaurants nestled among the Victorian facade main street. With the playground, the beautiful library and extraordinarily large Moreton Bay fig there is plenty to do and see in Devonport …

Read more about Day trip to Devonport, things to see & do — travel guide.


Devonport has the ingredients for a romantic weekend.

Devonport Naval Museum children's exploration, New Zealand
Devonport Naval Museum children's exploration, NZ
  • Attractive seaside historic resort with the faded glory of a magnificent hotel and cafes threaded through the shopping precinct
  • A sense of timeless with walks to the North Head military reserve to view the Auckland skyline
  • Beautifully curated airBNB, hotels and accommodation providers


Allow several hours to explore the museum.



For buffs of naval and military history Auckland is home to the New Zealand Maritime Museum.

Devonport King Edward Parade walk to Naval Museum, Auckland, New Zealand
Devonport King Edward Parade walk to Naval Museum, NZ

Getting to Devonport Torpedo Naval Museum, Auckland

A short easy flat twenty minute walk from Devonport’s main street along the waterfront King Edward Parade to 64 King Edward Parade. From the Auckland CBD catch the Devonport Ferry for a vehicle free day in Devonport. There are no train services to Devonport.

Public bus service from Auckland to Devonport

From the Devonport ferry terminal catch the 807 bus with stops located within a 2 minute walk of the museum.  AT Mobile is a useful app from Auckland Transport that helps plan, save and track journeys across Auckland’s public transport network. Auckland Transport offers FREE child weekend fares (children aged 5–15 with a registered HOP card). For more information click here.

Plenty of free parking onsite including dedicated disabled parking. The museum is wheelchair accessible – two wheelchairs are available for use. An onsite café, store and children’s playground complete the experience. Flash photography is prohibited in the Museum galleries. Visitors are not permitted to take food and or drink into the galleries.

Devonport & Auckland explorer bus

Devonport ferry info: Show your Explorer Bus pass at Pier 1B at the Downtown Ferry Terminal on Quay Street to receive your Devonport ferry tickets. You can use your ferry tickets up to 24 hours after your bus pass expires.

Tickets are valid for sailing between 9:00am – 4:30pm, Monday to Friday, and all weekend sailings. The ferry to Devonport takes approximately 12 minutes, and ferries depart every 15-30 minutes. Ferries depart from the Ferry Terminal, 99 Quay Street, Auckland (a short, easy walk from Stop 1) and arrive at Wharf, 1 Queens Parade, Devonport.

Windsor Reserve, King Edward Parade information plaques, Auckland, New Zealand
Windsor Reserve, King Edward Parade information plaques, NZ


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