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Art & Heritage

10 historic hotels worth staying in: what to see, guide

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A number of the heritage hotels have a lively bar scene which is generally noisy as well as not closing until the early hours of the night. Definitely part of the heritage package revellers enjoying a drink until the wee hours disturbing the peace of upstairs guests. Several hotels have not been included due to the din from the pub below. The larger heritage resort hotels overcome noise with a clear separation between guest rooms and public entertainment areas.

A touch of indulgence, luxury in a resorted nineteenth century resort hotel or a public house which has seen travellers for over two hundred years. New Zealand has hotels where luxury is not always the reason to stay.

Duke of Marlborough, Russell, New Zealand
Duke of Marlborough, Russell
  1. Bay of Islands Hotels NZ The Duke of Marlborough Hotel in Russell

According to the hotel the place has been ‘Refreshing Rascals and Reprobates since 1827.’ This hotel is chosen as it’s premium vintage New Zealand. A hotel perched on the waterfront where whalers, persons of ill repute rubbed shoulders with the locals who wondered who on earth had turned up to disturb the status quo. You are literally staying on top of history and with a touch of luxury.

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  1. Chateau Tongariro Mt. Ruapehu

This hotel is chosen as you borrow the glamour of sweeping up to the hotel in your Toyota. The solid doors would have been discretely swung open by a dedicated doorman. Today you do it yourself yet the sense of opulence and attention to detail remains. The square block shape suits the soaring mountains with a hotel that is not diminished by its location.

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  1. The Postmasters Lodgings Rawene

Northland, the beginnings of modern governance for New Zealand is the site of The Postmasters Lodgings. The Postmasters Lodgings is nestled on the point above Rāwene township, with a panoramic view of the Hokianga Harbour from the balcony which runs around the building. The hotel is quaint. From the sumptuous bedrooms to the truely eclectic range of furniture and fittings there is nothing ordinary about the hotel. The Hokianga is magnificent and the Lodging accommodation does the region justice.

  1. Princess Gate Boutique Hotel Rotorua

Accommodation – The hotel foyer and sweeping staircase are dotted with distinguished guest photographs. You are rubbing shoulders with royalty and artists. The elaborate, fussy decorations fit into the heritage character and you feel right at home indulging in a leisurely room service breakfast on the sweeping wrap around veranda. This hotel is slightly creaky and disjointed however the charm of its public rooms and the private mineral pools make for a comfortable stay. The hotel is not luxurious rather it is an old world charm with its large cavernous rooms.

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Art Deco Masonic Hotel building in Napier, New Zealand
Art Deco Masonic Hotel building in Napier
  1. Art Deco Masonic Hotel Napier

All you need is a flapper dress and a fedora for your partner. It is a curved, pastel pretty homage to the Napier post earthquake restoration. The location is superb as the waterfront is across the road with the second floor veranda providing vistas from every direction. The original library is a great place to check out marine parades. Beautifully resorted rooms makes you not want to leave, the mark of atmosphere, heritage and simply having a great time.

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  1. DeBretts Spa Resort Taupo

Taupo deBretts warm mineral waters and Lake Taupo nearby have been welcoming guests for well over 150 years. A resort style complex  means you might never have to leave the site while on holiday. This is chosen as its contemporary resort occupies one of the original spa resorts in New Zealand. The  combination of campgrounds, motel units and comfortable hotel style rooms is excellent for larger groups. The original hotel has virtually disappeared and, in its place, a resort with something for everyone’s budget. This is a great place for families to think about all the interpretations of spa holidays and the contemporary model now welcoming guests.

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  1. Victoria Railway Hotel Invercargill

The Victoria Railway Hotel is a boutique hotel built in 1896. It is located opposite the Invercargill Railway Station. The hotel is a seasoned travelling destination with a classic public bar and guest rooms above. The public bar is located below the guest rooms. Victoria Railway Hotel is a traveler’s hotel standing the test of time. The hotel is spotless, which is not easy with the nooks and crannies. You will receive an excellent Southland welcome.

Book Victoria Railway Hotel Invercargill now

  1. Martinborough Hotel is a glorious lady with detailed Victoria timber facades and interiors to match

An iconic nineteenth century hotel beautifully resorted to its heyday. Situated within the wine district of South Wairarapa the hotel is a superb choice for a weekend getaway where vineyard exploration is a must do activity. The hotel is a perfect indulgence weekend retreat located not far from bustling Wellington.

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Martinborough Hotel and main street, New Zealand
Martinborough Hotel and main street
@QT Wellington Apartments
@QT Wellington Apartments
  1. QT Wellington Museum Art Hotel

QT Wellington Museum Art Hotel is a chic hotel with contemporary local art in private rooms and public spaces and a boutique selling artwork. Rooms are minimal and funky, with comfy beds and armchairs. While it is not a heritage hotel in terms of age, it’s undeniable glamour, its beautifully designed details from the ladies toilet onwards and the liberal use of art make this a special place to stay. You are virtually opposite Te Papa (National Museum) which can add a touch of history if needed. The hotel is known for its restaurant, Hippopotamus.

Book QT Wellington Museum Art Hotel now

  1. Hotel Grand Windsor Auckland

Hotel Grand Windsor is beautiful. An Art Deco hotel is another homage to the age of women raising their hemlines to their knees, Banished were the floor trailing skirts of the early 1900’s, in were  revolutions, votes for all and a questioning of the authority. The restored hotel is a classy interpretation of contemporary hospitality standards adding a touch of heritage dignity to Auckland’s Central Business District.

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@Hotel Grand Windsor
@Hotel Grand Windsor

Remember to check the hotel websites for availability and openings. We are aware that some establishments are being hibernated due to economic circumstances. May their doors open soon.



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