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Solo Travel – The Benefits of Travelling Solo, Alone by Yourself

Wonder about the differences between your daily routine and the journey you are on? Solo travel does not mean you are alone in the world, social media is always at our fingertips. The benefits of solo travel are tremendous. Here’s a quick eleven reasons why your next journey is by yourself.

@Hamilton Farmers' Market
@Hamilton Farmers' Market

1. Relax, you do not need to compromise 

If you want to spend half a day at the weekend market go for it. Relax, there is no one looking bored or disinterested at your side. The sheer joy for many women is the letting go the shadow, compromising.

Is solo travel showing the world you are selfish?

Solo travel is not selfish, rather it is a moment where you are spoiling yourself, doing what you want all the time. Share the experiences on social media with family and friends and laugh at their responses.


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2. Solo travel is socially acceptable

Solo travel is trending, travelling alone is seen as a choice for people regardless of whether they are in a relationship or not. Anyway you should not worry about what the world thinks, you are on holiday having a great time.  


3. What happens on holiday is your private journey, what a plus

It is up to you to post on social media what you are doing. Borrow the line, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. You are the editor in chief of the holiday story. There is power in travelling solo.

View of blurry Mount Cook with women sitting on the roof of her car, Southern Alps, New Zealand, Aoraki National park
View of blurry Mount Cook with women sitting on the roof of her car, Southern Alps

4. Judgment, there is no one to tell you what to do

Slurge at MacDonalds (rarely visit the fast food chain at home), indulge in hand crafted chocolates at the weekend market. Spend the afternoon doing nothing on a sun lounger watching people drift by. You are not lazy, you are doing what you want


5. Invisible, part of the holiday crowd

No one is pressuring you walk the Sydney Harbour bridge. You do not have to hop on a jet boat, watching excited holiday makers is fascinating. You can observe with impunity.

Whangarei Falls, New Zealand
Whangarei Falls

Invisibility in Dubrovnik should have been a given. It was the height of the tourist season, the place was hugely overcrowded, hot and full of holiday energy. OMG, there are my neighbours browsing in the shop next door. As I was preparing to turn around a cheery hello lend to shared coffee moment in Croatia.

Sarah-Jane, senior editor, Best Bits Travel Guides


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Mountains Reflected in Lake Rotoiti, New Zealand
Mountains Reflected in Lake Rotoiti

6. Self indulgence the joy of solo travel

You do not need to ask any one their permission to do anything. Every choice you make is you deciding to grab a snack so that you can linger longer in a place of interest. The sheer pleasure of indulgence is perhaps the single biggest plus of solo travel.


7. Solo travel is about testing your own boundaries

Check out our YouTube channel about getting lost. It’s slightly scary especially if the local language is one you are not familiar with. It’s exhilarating as you sort out where to go … eventually. The experience makes for a great story line when you get home.

8. Solo travellers own the narrative

Similar to ‘what stays in Vegas’ you can edit or polish the story of your adventures. No one will interrupt you to correct your version of events. The stories belong to you. 


9. Solo travel is not lonely

Solo travel is travel alone, by yourself yet it is lonely. People naturally will turn and chat to you. You are not constantly turning to a partner. With a smile on your face look around you. This is especially true on guided day trips where the logistics is managed by someone else.

@Jeroen Jongejans
@Jeroen Jongejans


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10. Solo travel is something most people want to do at some point

Couples will ask you questions as the dynamics of travelling with a group can wear people down. Try not to look smug as you hear comments, ‘I’d love to try solo travel by my partner doesn’t want to me to … The ultimate treat is solo travel. 


11. Solo travel does not exclude joining a guided day trip

One of the benefits of solo travel is the option to join multiple day or single day trips. You get to relax as the local guide exclaims points of interest. It is having your cake and eating it too.

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