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Royal Albatross Centre

Otago, South Island

Royal Albatross and blue penguins must do wildlife encounters. The three metre wingspan coming into land on the only mainland colony in the world is spectacular, worthy of chilly breeze or waiting around. The glide, the sheer weight of the enormous birds settling in for the landing is memorising. Can the bird stop in time, is it safe and you are part of the drama of getting home to feed hungry chicks. Monarchs of the sea need our support to ensure their well-being, visit the observatory and have a chance to meet the personalities who have made the Otago Peninsula their nesting home.

Best time to visit the Albatross is January and February, when the chicks are hatching. In the late afternoon you will see courtship displays. Dusk and the sea breezes pick up is when the juveniles return from a day at sea. As with all wildlife there are no guarantees.

Self-guided tours:

Royal Albatross Centre access is via a 1 hour guided tour to their viewing platforms. You will need to organize your own way to the Centre.


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