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Kiwi towns

Renwick, Marlborough: what to see & do, best things to do

  • 2 minutes

Perfect selfie location and a bit of scandal about the locals. Did I mention the vineyards…

Renwick there are plenty of things to do. ​A quiet town where the traffic swirls around the corners of the local shops and continues onto Nelson on State Highway 6. Renwick is home to a world class restaurant nestled among the vines and a local museum narrating stories of local characters. Need a break from the driving, Renwick’s charms are an excellent reason to stop and check out this small town.

Sheep grazing in vineyard, Marlborough, New Zealand
Sheep grazing in vineyard, Marlborough

Renwick’s Fame

  • Marlborough Vintners Hotel enters TripAdvisor Hall of Fame for 2019 specialising in local wines and nose to tail food preparation.  A glorious place now in hibernation due to economic uncertainty.
  • John Vorbach, a blacksmith, has the right to claim being Renwick’s greatest inventor. His bicycle ‘boneshaker’ is on display in the museum. His extensive list of inventions included a pea sorter and children’s play hoops.

Renwick’s Notoriety

  • William Henry Eyes, politician with a penchant for Trumpism. Complete with inappropriate sexual behaviour, his business and political life was conducted through questionable means. Fittingly ended his life in a Wellington boarding house. (19th century)

Where to take the best selfie in Renwick

  • Against the backdrop of the local museum with its painted wall of nineteenth century agricultural activities
  • Your meal at Marlborough Vintners Hotel
Renwick Museum, Renwick, Marlborough Region, South Island, New Zealand
Renwick Museum, Marlborough

Check out things to do in Renwick

Originally known as Renwicktown, the area was settled by Thomas Renwick, a Scottish doctor and local politician in the 1850’s.

Renwick, New Zealand @Wine Tours by Bike, with Steve and Jo - Self-Guided Bike Hire
Renwick @Wine Tours by Bike, with Steve and Jo – Self-Guided Bike Hire

Renwick’s Fame

  • Wairau river is a stone’s throw away
  • Cycle trail Condor’s Bend for mountain bikers
  • Mount Richmond Forest Park
  • Museum while primary focus is European settlement there is a collection of Maori artefacts. A small gift shop with handmade cards which are worth checking out. Open Monday, 10am to 3pm with volunteers to answer questions, otherwise Tuesday to Sunday 9.00am to 5.00pm unattended.
  • Have I mentioned wine trails, visitors centrally located in the heart of Marlborough’s wine district.

Renwick’s Festivals

  • Christmas festival

Things to do for kids in Renwick

  • Playground
  • Wairau River swimming holes (just ask a local their favourite spot)
  • Local museum
Wairau River, Swimming Holes, Blenheim, New Zealand @MarlboroughNZ
Wairau River, Swimming Holes, Blenheim @MarlboroughNZ
Renwick Museum, Marlborough, New Zealand @mikecoker_nz
Renwick, Marlborough @mikecoker_nz

Who turned up and settled in Renwick?

  • Originally known as Renwicktown, the area was settled by Thomas Renwick, a Scottish doctor and local politician in the 1850’s.

What makes Renwick work?

  • Thirty cellar doors makes the place tick together with being an agricultural service centre

Renwick’s Social Media

Renwick Marlborough, NZ

Renwick’s climate

  • Vineyard perfect climate, dry crisp winters with lots of sunshine in summer

Best time to go to Renwick

  • Year round, Winter depths visitors cuddle up to a roaring fire with a glass of wine or lazily relaxing by the Wairau River in the heat of summer.

Renwick’s population


@Renwick Marlborough, NZ
@Renwick Marlborough, NZ

Be careful in Renwick

  • Crossing the road as its State Highway 6 the main route to Nelson from Marlborough. The town has issues with water supply in summer.

Judgment on Renwick

  • From a few moments taking a selfie to a leisurely week exploring Marlborough.

Every town adds to the richness of things to do and see. For more details about the region check Blenheim & Marlborough Region nearby attractions and events.


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