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Art & Heritage

New Plymouth Puke Ariki Museum things to do

  • 1 minute

Taranaki, North Island

Enjoy finding a museum which is wrapped around a library experience. The library is the perfect place to hang out if it’s raining in New Plymouth. Puke Ariki Museum and Library offers kids plenty to do and see from monstrous squid to lego blocks to play with.

@Puke Ariki
@Puke Ariki

Extensive collection of documents and memorabilia relating to Taranaki’s past, interactive exhibits that engage visitors and a great gift shop specialising in locally sourced art and craft objects. The museum complex entrance is opposite the Wind Wand with the visitor centre greeting people as the doors swing open. Very popular with kids is the Ruru scavenger hunt, remember to collect your pack from the front desk. Folded into the museum is a working modern library.

Explore the way of life for the original Māori inhabitants of Taranaki.

Learn how tangata whenua carved out a home for themselves in the shadow of Taranaki Maunga.

Marvel at the beauty of their taonga, understand some of their amazing cultural practices and learn how their interaction with European settlers has affected them and their culture.

Colossal Squid: Freaky Features

The colossal squid, Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni, is the largest squid on the planet and is a ferocious predator. So rare is this squid, that only eight adult specimens have ever been scientifically reported.

While the iconic colossal squid itself can be visited at Te Papa Tongarewa, some of its key features are now on display at Puke Ariki as part of a Te Papa touring exhibition.

Visit Reef Alive! and hop on the boat for a ride out to the reef. Explore video footage beneath the waves and visit the Exploratorium to check out the different science methods used.

Reef Alive! is a rich and interactive experience, ideal for families, children and anyone curious about the fascinating biodiversity in Taranaki’s watery backyard.

@Puke Ariki
@Puke Ariki

Want to encourage kids’ creative spirit then follow the easy instructions on pressing seaweed. Check out Travel Pack Information.

@Puke Ariki
@Puke Ariki

Admission: Free

Open every day although check beforehand to avoid disappointment. Opening Hours.

And how to get around the Puke Ariki Library and Museum check out Building Map.

Puke Ariki Museum and Library is innovative and a great addition to the cultural landscape of New Plymouth creating a diverse range of attractions not often found in small regional towns in New Zealand. For more information about what to do and see in New Plymouth check out New Plymouth travel guide.


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