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Patea Maori Club

  • 1 minute


Are you on the dancefloor yet, our heroes Pātea Māori Club hope so.


  • A song, Pātea Māori Club’s 1984 hit song ‘Poi e’ drew nationwide attention to the town.
  • Dalvanius Prime, well known entertainer (died 2002) collaborated with Ngoingoi Pēwhairangi to write Poi E and recorded it with the Patea Māori Club in 1984.

Nothing like a catchy song to get the rhythm going and the heart singing.

The sheer joy that wraps around you as you hear Aotearoa New Zealand’s beat cheers the soul.

Perhaps our new National Anthem

Pātea Māori Club @Te Ara Pātea Māori Club @Te Ara
Pātea Māori Poi e @PoiEMovie Pātea Māori Poi e @PoiEMovie

Check out

only the original will do, complete with break dancing, fabulous 2006 styled hair and the exuberance of the performers.

And more details about what to do in Patea check here What’s so great about Patea

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