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Otumuheke Stream


Otumuheke Stream hot pools are located in the Spa Thermal Park and are free. It is also the start of the Huka walking trail. Nearby is the Rotary ride mountain bike trail for enthusiasts who have hired / carried their bikes on holiday. Otumuheke stream is glorious with natural rock pools and even a warm waterfall. The walk passes the deep green Waikato River. The walk is a snapshot of native lowland bush, the majesty of the Waikato River and pockets of farmland.

  • Length: 3.5km (one way)

There are several access points to the Otumuheke Stream. Follow clearly marked signs. The hot stream waters as they meet the very cool Waikato River create a medley of warm, cool and surprisingly hot water. It is as though the shower temperature control is faulty. It is popular and expected to be shared with other visitors. If you plan to swim or even dip your toes in the pools and want to walk the Huka Falls walkway, organise the swim after the walk. Relax in the natural waters and enjoy. There are signs warning swimmers of the swift currents of the Waikato River and kids will need supervision.


The Spa Park car park is open daylight hours onlyю


Get someone to pick you up at either end of the walk, hopefully with you soaking in the pool as they arrive with transport.

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