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Opossum World

@Opossum World, Napier, New Zealand

Opossum World is a museum, taxidermy displays and a diorama of stuffed possums explaining the possum birth process.  The unambiguous narrative is possums are terrible for New Zealand flora and fauna. The introduced animal, with no natural predators, is steadily munching its way through kiwi chick eggs, birds and anything that gets in its way of consuming 21,000 tones of foliage a night.

According to Opossum World there are 20 possums to every New Zealander. If you enjoy Willy Nelson’s folksy tunes as you’ve got a treat with a taxidermy Possum choir singing ‘On the Road Again.’  A definitive roadkill song just for possums.  Australians just block your ears and enjoy the retail store.


Possum fur, combined with merino wool is deliciously cosy, soft and remarkably cuddly. It is tactile and you want to run your hands through the thick softness. The retail shop is fabulous with all things possum for sale, together with information about nocturnal bush monsters ravaging the native forests. Our visitor dollars are being spent on a very good cause.


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