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Okoromai Bay

@Okoromai Bay

Okoromai Bay is usually quiet due to the fact that many vessels i.e. jet skis and boats cannot access the beach because of the shallow waters and large number of sand banks as the tide goes out. This can make the Bay a more tranquil spot than some of the more popular beaches in the area. At high tide Okoromai Bay is a safe paddling beach for young children. The main activity at Okoromai Bay is collecting cockles at low tide. The marshy ground is a fertile home for the shellfish. There is a strict policy of a maximum of 50 cockles per gatherer and the Ministry of Fisheries is known to undertake regular spot checks.

Okoromai Bay which is located outside the Open Sanctuary pest proof fence, at the south western end of the park. This is a very tidal beach where cockles can be gathered. The beach offers stunning views of Auckland central with the sky tower marking the horizon. There are BBQ facilities and enormous pohutukawa trees providing shade.

Okoromai Bay has 1 casual wood fired BBQ and 4 wood fired BBQs associated with bookable sites. They are able to be used if the site has not been booked. At Okoromai Bay the old wood BBQs are slowly being replaced with electric BBQs. All BBQ’s are FREE to use.

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