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Short Walks

The Charming Creek North Walkway West Coast

  • 1 minute

Karamea, West Coast

West Coast, NZ Charming Creek walkway a great short walk, suspension bridges, rustic mining relics, dense lush emerald green forest, fast flowing rivers and mossy tunnels a must-go walk for everyone. And there are tips on how to get to the best bits without too much effort for the fitness challenged.


Glorious scenery and, don’t forget a great waterfall. The showstopper is the heritage underpinnings of the walk. You are intrigued by coal mining relics, rusting machinery and the sense that workers simply walked off the job and the bush took over. Cross suspension bridges with their satisfying swing as you peer into the fast flowing river. Enjoy gazing into the gloom of rail tunnels now lined with moss and dripping water. This is a must-go walk for everyone. And there are tips on how to get to the best bits without too much effort for the fitness challenged.

  • Heritage relics from a coal mining past, Old Mumms timber mill, coal mines, rusting steam boilers, brick chimney and coal miner’s huts
  • Suspension bridge over fast flowing West Coast rivers
  • Mangantini waterfalls

A breathtaking mountain gorge draped in dense lowland forest, a track following a former railway line complete with mossy tunnels and the Ngakawau River Suspension bridge with unfolding glimpses of the waterfall. It is your own film script being unravelled as you walk the Charming Creek walkway.

Walking fans rejoice, another great short walk joins the stable of must-do New Zealand walks. Charming Creek Walkway: Charming Creek area, West Coast region The walk’s introduction starts in the settlement of Seddonville, originally a mining settlement. The track follows an abandoned historic bush tramway to transport coal.  There are remnants of saw milling;  native timbers provided shoring for mines and material to construct houses. Walkers pass through railway tunnels, bridges and the 20 metre drop Mangatini waterfalls.  The sheer cliffs of Nagakawau Gorge and the immense river boulders of the Ngakawau River form a dramatic burst for the final section as the track nears the seaside town of Hector.

The Seddonville carpark to Mangatini Falls is approximately a 4 hour round walking trip. The northern section of the walk is 5.4 km. The walk is now split into two due to an active unstable slip.

Charming Creek disused mine shaft entrance Max and NZJane, New Zealand
Charming Creek disused mine shaft entrance

NOTE: there is a swing bridge which is narrow. Patience might be needed to wait for people to cross the bridge.

Waterfall in Charming Creek walkway, West Coast, Karamea, New Zealand
Waterfall in Charming Creek walkway

Charming Creek walk – Getting there

This track can be walked in either direction, following SH67 from Westport for the starting points. South end: Follow the signposts at Ngakawau. North end: From Seddonville follow Charming Creek Road to the abandoned mine site. Seddonville is the more popular start as you are walking downhill. NOTE You will need to arrange transport to collect you unless you intend to return on the same track.

Need to know

  • Drinking from the streams is not advisable due to the high mineral content.
  • For your own safety keep away from old mine tunnels and shafts.
  • This is a shared-use mountain bike trail.

Shortened walk to Mangantini Waterfalls

Wanting to view the Mangantini waterfalls and get a glimpse of the Charming Creek walk yet short on time here is an alternative route. For a shorter option start at the Hector end and hike for about one hour to Mangatini Falls.

  • Length: 6 km (round trip)
  • Duration: 2 -3 hours

For tips on recommended clothing and supplies check New Zealand day walks, what to wear, supplies and fitness required. Remember to check the local weather report before departing. For more information about walking tracks check out West Coast walks and hikes, places to go and lace up the hiking boots.


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