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Day walks

Twilight – Te Werahi loop track day walk

  • 2 minutes

Cape Reinga, North Island

New Zealand day walk twilight Te Werahi loop track; exploration of Cape Reinga’s landscape and the far North.


  • Variety of terrain from farmland, beaches, dunes and wetland
  • Bird life especially in wetlands
  • Cliff top views of headlands and beaches
  • Can be broken into sections
Cape Reinga, New Zealand
Cape Reinga

CAPE REINGA the lighthouse and place to farewell souls on their way to their ancestral home is a top attraction for New Zealand’s Northland. Explore further and find out about the area that has such cultural significance. The Twilight – Te Werahi Loop Track is a great way to explore beautiful Northland.

This loop track covers a range of landscapes and terrain. You first walk across paddocks for about 15 minutes. Once you step over a stile, you walk through manuka scrub and over sand dunes… This coastal walk is made up of a number of sections on the Aupouri Peninsula – The track provides spectacular views of dunes, headlands and West Coast beaches.

To Werahi Beach

  • Time: 30 min one way
  • Distance: 2.5 km

To Twilight Beach

  • Time: 1 hr 15 min one way
  • Distance: 4 km

Twilight – Te Werahi Loop Track links up with the Twilight Beach to Te Paki Stream track heading south, the Te Werahi Beach to Twilight Beach track, and the Cape Reinga to Te Werahi Beach track, all of which form part of the Te Paki Coastal Track.

  • Length: 16 km

The day walk is managed by the Department of Conservation, Twilight – Te Werahi Loop Track: Te Paki, Northland. For tips on recommended clothing and supplies check New Zealand day walks what to wear, supplies and fitness required. Remember to check the local weather report before departing.


Want a short walk around Cape Reinga this is a great trail to further explore the area. Between the car park and the lighthouse is a signpost for Te Paki Coastal Track which leads to Te Werahi Beach section. Approximately 2.5 km

Cape Reinga Lighthouse at Cape Reinga, the northernmost point of the North Island of New Zealand
Cape Reinga
Te Werahi Beach with outline of Te Paki Coastal Track, Northland, New Zealand
Te Werahi Beach with outline of Te Paki Coastal Track, Northland

When to visit Cape Reinga and the Te Paki walk

Cape Reinga has a subtropical climate that is relatively warm all year. Year round the track is open however weather conditions can affect the track or pest control measures. Autumn and spring are ideal times as there is not much shelter from the sun in the middle of summer. For tips on recommended clothing and supplies check North Island ultimate day walks, what to wear, supplies and fitness required. Remember to check the local weather report before departing.

You should check before departing Te Paki Coastal Track – Northland.


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