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Nudity, liberate yourself a guide to feeling free

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@Shifaaz Shamoon

Liberate the body and leave the clothes behind. Nudity, here are tips on discovering your inner body and guidelines of where to go and what to do in New Zealand.

Did you know the word gymnasium comes from the Greek word “gymos,” which means naked. In the old Olympic games nude athletes competed in running, wrestling, and boxing. In Sparta, even the female athletes competed naked. Naked breaks down emotional walls and allows you to know how to be comfortable in your own skin. You’re invited to accept and love your body. For beginners there are a number of fun activities you can enjoy after you close those curtains.

  1. Sleeping naked. Studies show that sleeping naked is healthier for you. Sleeping naked is also a stress reliever, boosts your mental health by losing the pjs.
  2. Skinny dipping is my personal favourite. Whether it’s a lake or ocean, there’s no better feeling than floating in the water naked. The ultimate freedom when those waves are hugging, pampering, caressing your body.
  3. Write a Letter of Complaint. It’s an excellent mental stimulation without your clothes on. I can’t imagine a better way to get your point across.
  1. Nude gardening. May all your radishes swing free. Combine nature with naturism and see what you can grow. Watch out for the postman though.

Interesting Fact

Did you know there is NZ national nude gardening day?

  1. Naked Yoga at Home or join Naked Yoga class. Cool thing about it that you can really feel your form and boosts your body confidence. There are both unisex and coeducated classes available.
  2. Nude beach, the perfect choice. All in one place where you can enjoy the most. Sunbathe, swim, walk, read a book, throw a frisbee.
@Simon Hajducki
@Simon Hajducki
@Christian Buehner
@Christian Buehner
  1. Book your table in a Naked restaurant. Yes there is such a thing believe it or not.
  2. Cleaning your place – It feels so much more purifying to clean out your house when you’re au naturel.
  3. Sunbathing. Getting the kiss of sunlight. It feels awesome. Make the most of your backyard and roof terrace or head to the nearest nudist beach. Don`t forget the sunblock.
  4. Nude runs for the real bolds. There are running events you can legally do by not breaking the law.
  5. Dance naked like no one is watching. Put your best tunes on and dance away

Are you ready to give it a go? Or you`ve done it before and want to take it to the next level. Being naked helps you accept your body. Forget about body shaming and love yourself again. I bet you didn’t know that you can actually get naked, enjoy yourself and not break the law at the same time.

Brace yourself: Here are 5 Things you can do Naked legally in New Zealand footloose and fancy free.

  1. Take part in The annual World Naked Bike Ride. It is protest against our ‘indecent exposure to car emissions’
  2. Naked Rugby. Each year the Dunedin Nude Rugby Tournament takes place in New Zealand’s University capital Dunedin.
  3. Play Golf. In 2018 Wairau Valley Golf Club in Marlborough hosted the Nude Golf International.
  4. Swing by Nudist beach. You`ll be amazed how many nudist beaches there are
  5. Bungy Jump. Yes! There are a number of locations in New Zealand to do just that.
Dunedin Nude Rugby, New Zealand @Stuff
Dunedin Nude Rugby @Stuff

Spring is on its way, days are getting warmer. Maybe it is time to map out those spots before summer comes. There are benefits of being naked that you don’t want to ignore. The feel of the sun, wind and water against our bare bodies is so natural and freeing.

Top 18 nudist beaches in Northland

@Shifaaz Shamoon
@Shifaaz Shamoon
  1. Ladies Bay
  2. Uretiti Beach
  3. Pohutukawa Beach
  4. Papamoa Beach
  5. Breaker Bay, south east coast of Wellington city
  6. Opoutere beach has a naturist area on the northern side
  7. O’Neill Beach, reached on foot from Bethells Beach
  8. Orpheus Bay – Manukau Harbour
  1. Little Palm Beach – Waiheke Island
  2. St Leonards Beach – Takapuna
  3. Waimarama Beach
  4. Peka Peka Beach
  5. Tapuae Beach
  6. Waihi Beach
  7. Herne Bay
  8. Waitata Bay
  9. Matai Bay
  10. Tapotupotu Bay
@Marvin Meyer
@Marvin Meyer

Ready to lose that robe? When you finally persuaded yourself to jump the deep end here is some simple but important wise to follow guide to Nudist etiquette.

Top 9 Tips for Nudist Beach Etiquette

@Marvin Meyer
@Marvin Meyer
  1. Be sure the beach you are at is definitely a nudist beach
  2. Everyone in your group should be nude, If you are going with friends make sure that you are all in agreement that you will all be nude.
  3. Sunburn. Use sunblock, everywhere.
  4. Keep your eyes to yourself. We`ve seen it all before, there is no need to stare.
  5. Trim Down, keep it tidy.
  6. Bugs and insects. There are creatures in the water, in the sand and in the air. Spray before you strip off.
  7. Leave your camera at home. Don’t make others feel uncomfortable.
  8. Remember it’s a nudist beach, not a hotel room. Respect others
  9. Stay Out of the Dunes and other environmentally sensitive areas. People will think you are “skulking”

If you’ve never tried being naked outside the privacy of your home, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. It is not a big deal and it is wonderfully liberating. But safety first though. Our list of things that you should Never do when naked

  1. Open the door For Uber delivery
  2. Sit on a leather couch
  3. Play With kitten
  4. Take a picture Of a reflective item
  5. Ironing
  6. Fry bacon, ouch
  7. no super glue, at all times
  8. Bleach the shower

Tell us what level are you at, which one you have tried and share your favourite skinny dipping spots. Submit your comment below.

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