Hokianga Harbour sand dunes, Hokianga, New Zealand 2 days 2 nights

Hokianga Short break:
highlights in the winterness north

Trip Length:2 nights, 2 days
Getting there:Opononi is approximately a 3.5 hour drive from Auckland travelling through the home of Tane Mahuta, the Waipoua forest, and a 1 hour drive from Kerikeri airport.
Best time to visit:Spring to Autumn.

Jet skis are dependent on the weather and harbour conditions.

About Trip
Weekend in Hokianga
A bespoke experience with Len of Hokianga

A local going way back (probably 800 years and counting) has invested in an adventure whereby locals and overseas visitors are invited to explore the Hokianga harbour with a local. You will hear stories about the first post office, nineteenth century scandals and jet ski the harbour where Kupe landed. It does not get better than that, except of course you get to savour New Zealand home cooking at its best in Len’s kitchen. Remember to ask for the melt in your mouth banana caramel buttered yummy-ness. Slathered with cream of course.

Hokianga Harbour great sand dunes

Friday night
Friday night

Awesome Adventures offers guest accommodation for families. You do not need to concern yourself about catering and lugging groceries from Auckland or elsewhere. Your weekend is organised. Len will introduce you to the narrative of the harbour from Kupe onwards with humour and laughter. Make sure you have enough room for dessert, the caramel bananas are sure to be on the menu. There are other modern AirBnB accommodation options within 5 mins walk from Lenny’s house if you have larger groups.

Hokianga harbour

Saturday morning
Saturday morning
Jet skiing, Horeke, Koutou Boulders, Mangungu Mission

Jet skiing the harbour you have several choices. As this weekend is about relaxation, getting to make new friends and discovering one of our favourite New Zealand places you will be joining a three and half hour jet ski tour to Horeke, Koutou Boulders, Mangungu Mission House with a final stop at the Boat Shed Cafe, Rawene. Longer tours can be arranged on request.

Concretions Koutu Beach, Hokianga, New Zealand

Saturday afternoon
Opononi, Omapere and Rawene
Self-guided tour

A self-guided exploration of Opononi, Omapere and Rawene. You are exploring South Hokianga for a journey around the Hokianga Harbour allowing up to a week to fully immerse yourself in the cultural heart of New Zealand.

Beautiful nature of Northland, Mangrove trees

Sunday morning
Sand Dune exploration
By quad bike

The Sand Dunes as seen from the South shore of the Hokianga Harbour can be accessed on Lenny’s quad bike tour which catches the Hokianga ferry and then skirts around the harbour to the beach tracks and the sand dunes. A 4WD vehicle or quad bike is essential. The sand dunes are a landscape of wind scarred bluffs, temporary shapes constantly buffered by the wind and a testament to the power of nature. The sand dunes can be accessed on land from Mitimiti (15 km drive along the beach). This is an all day excursion and a highlight of the weekend.

Sand Dune exploration @davidlefrancphotography

Travel Pack Information

Kohukohu, Hokianga, New Zealand

  • Chinese memorial to be shifted after Rawene grave collapse & Northland memorial for 499 Chinese miners whose bodies went down with ship. Chinese stories, SS Ventnor and memorial. A work in progress is a dedicated site for the ancestors whose lives were lost in the Hokianga. The Chinese connection & SS Ventnor sinking in the harbour. Chinese history in Northland  History of where the bodies are buried, what happened and the connections with the Chinese community.
  • Your visit supports Awesome Adventures sponsors up to twelve ??? local teenage children a career in either the military or police career with camp programmes. Len’s goal is to develop discipline in a young person’s life to support  training in trade or skills. This is due to Northland not having sufficient opportunities for youth employment. The only industry is farming with very little commercial fishing. Tourism is a nascent sector in the Hokianga area.
  • Koutu Boulders – The Hokianga – a beautiful place If you would like to walk among the boulders, head about 6 Km towards Kaikohe from Opononi, and you will find Koutu Loop Road on your left. If you are coming from the North or East, head about 10 Km past the Rawene turnoff towards Opononi, through the settlement of Whirinaki and at the foot of the saddle on the Opononi side you will see Koutu Loop Road on your right.  It is best to do the walk within two hours either side of low tide.
  • Brief History of the Hokianga Region edited by Hokianga Historical Society.


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