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National Parks

Mahurangi Regional Park best things to see

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Auckland parks where to go and what to do

A regional park that spans both sides of the Mahurangi Harbour creating Mahurangi East and Mahurangi West. The park is most well known for Scotts Landing and the historic homestead yet the quiet undisturbed beaches of Mahurangi West are an ideal location for a day where you might be the only visitors.

Mahurangi Regional Park map
Mahurangi Regional Park map

The park is divided into the three areas of Mahurangi West, Mahurangi East – Scott Point, and Mahurangi East – Sadler Point.

  • Mahurangi West is accessible via Mahurangi West Rd, 11 kilometres south of Warkworth. This is the largest part of the park with beaches that have good swimming, kayaking and shore fishing. There are a number of great walks.
  • Scott Homestead – at the end of Mahurangi East Road turns onto Scotts Landing which was once the site of a shipbuilding yard established by the Scott Family.
  • Mahurangi East which is only accessible by boat. There are plans to open this section with roading with recent land purchases in 2020.

Mahurangi West

The road winds through coastal views of the Hauraki Gulf terminating at the sheltered waters of Sullivan’s Bay (Otarawao Bay). You can access Pudding Island at low tide where an historic urupa (cemetery) is guarded by two mature pohutukawa trees.

Mahurangi West walking tracks wind through regenerating native bush, open pasture, along the foreshore and past ancient pa sites. The three main beaches are Te Muri, Sullivans and Mita all suitable for swimming, kayaking and boating.

Mahurangi Regional Park @LonelyPlanet
Mahurangi Regional Park @LonelyPlanet
Scott Homestead, Mahurangi East Regional Park, Auckland
Scott Homestead

Mahurangi East – Scotts Landing

Scotts Landing is a walk through history. Mahurangi entrance is narrow with parking at a premium due to the commercial fishing / seafood operations, the boat ramp and holiday makers looking to park their car. The short boardwalk leads past the magnificent historic homestead framed by enormous pohutukawa trees and a small sandy beach. At low tide walk the causeway between Scotts Landing and Casnell island (Motu Maunganui). The island was a pa (village) site in the 16th century. The coast is known as the oyster coast so swimming shoes could be necessary at low tide with the sharp rocky low tide shoreline. It is the perfect place for kids to explore the shallows. There are no lifeguards and the toilets are located at the small car park.

Mahurangi Regional Park spans both sides of the Mahurangi Harbour, with additional points of interest on the northern side at Scott’s Landing and Sadler Point, accessible via Snells Beach.

Mahurangi Harbour @Bayleys Mahurangi Harbour @Bayleys
Mahurangi Regional Park Scott Homestead, Auckland Mahurangi Regional Park Scott Homestead

Mahurangi East – Sadler Point

Boat access only. In 2020 Auckland Council’s $12 million land acquisition on the Mahurangi East peninsula created a new 200ha public park at Sadler Point.Council purchased a 95ha plot from the Nichol and Becroft families last week, which  extends southwards along the peninsula from Martins Bay. The plot adds to land that has been owned by the Council at the tip of the peninsula since 1970 but has been inaccessible by road. Road access is to be determined. At the moment access is open by boat or by foot.

Mahurangi East @LacticTurkey
Mahurangi East @LacticTurkey


Forward bookings are essential, here are the links to accommodation within the park.

How to access Mahurangi Regional Park (West)

About Sadler Point, Mahurangi Regional Park (East)

Sullivan’s Bay @Sam
Sullivan’s Bay @Sam

Ranger recommendations

Tips on how to make the most of your visit to Mahurangi Regional Park.

If you have two hours… Check out the harbour views from the park’s best lookout at Tungutu Point and you will have time for a swim at Sullivan’s Bay. If you’re there at low tide, take the walk across to tiny Pudding Island.

If you have half a day… At Mahurangi West half a day will give you the chance to get away from the crowds and head to either Mita Bay or Te Muri Beach to swim, explore and enjoy the sense of escape. On the other side of the harbour, Scott Point is a great setting for a picnic or special event and at low tide you can walk across to the Maunganui (Casnell Island) Department of Conservation reserve. If you have a full day… Exploring the sheltered Mahurangi Harbour by boat or kayak is a fabulous way to while away a day and is the only way to enjoy the remote beaches of Mahurangi East.

 The water safety code 1. Be prepared. 2. Watch out for yourself and others. 3. Be aware of the dangers. 4. Know your limits.

Mahurangi Regional Park @mickieenz
Mahurangi Regional Park @mickieenz

Mahurangi Regional Park is part of a portfolio of Auckland Regional Parks for visitors to enjoy.



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