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Granity Museum exhibit

As you leave Westport you are aware of the sliver of flat land between the ocean and the soaring mountain ranges. Your first stop will starkly illustrate the lack of arable land and the impact of climate change on the small West Coast settlements. Granity is a must do visit stop for everyone interested in climate change. You stand on the contructed stoney embankments and watch the sea relentlessly working away at the foundations. And the nearest houses are very close. There is a notice and plaque showing where the community hall once stood. It is sobering watching the rising sea rewrite  land boundaries. Granity is a historic gold & coal mining town.

Granity is home to the Granity Museum. Located in the centre of Granity (sign posted off the main Road) on a historical site, being coke ovens built 1909-1910. Buildings and sites belong to the Northern Buller Museum Trust. It also owns the Millerton Incline behind the Museum. Work is underway to get the Incline reinstated as a Walking Track. At Ngakawau and Granity you can do short walks to the coal bins, Watson and Mumms Mill to view coal mining abandoned relics. You cannot miss the museum as the very large

  • Open: 1 pm – 3pm Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 1pm – 3pm Saturday & Sunday Other hours call 782 8653 and, if home someone will come down to open up.
  • Admission: Donations welcome,  the museum is managed by volunteers.
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