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Wellington to Napier weekend road trip

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Art Deco Festival, Napier Art Deco Festival, Napier

Wellington, the seat of government and the home of the National Museum, Te Papa. Wellington is a compact and walkable city. With a downtown area only 2 km across, most of the major attractions are within easy walking distance from the hotels, cafés, restaurants, bars and shops. A petite picturesque capital city has got a downside. The weather, it is not called Windy Wellington for nothing.  Invest in a Blunt umbrella and think of the weather as invigorating, embracing as it whips your hair into a messy, frizzy mess, Wellington mode. Layers, especially a light waterproof jacket thigh length is a must. A fabulous city with enormous personality and a sense of community should be on all visitors’ must visit list. Some places are great without a Bondi on their doorstep and Wellington is one of these magical destinations. To find out more… Wellington travel guide, 7 FREE things to see, what to do: Best Bits.

This journey can be reversed, NAPIER TO WELLINGTON.




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