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Wellington short break: 10 great things to do

A packed awesome adventure for the school holidays. And there is not enough time to fit some great ideas into the weekend itinerary. There is always something to see in Wellington. Wellington is compact, picture postcard harbour, hills stacked with brightly painted houses and lots of arty stuff. Yet Windy Wellington has a nickname that does have a ring of truth. Visitors shudder and think about Brisbane and beaches.

2 days
1 night

Trip Overview

School holidays ten great things to do rain or shine

Start Wellington
Finish Wellington

There is no getting away from a Wellington winter snap. The wind can tunnel straight from the polar regions, snap and growl around the streets with a furious roar. Visitors clutch their Blunt umbrellas (which will not blow outwards – tested in Wellington) and wonder why on earth they decided to visit Wellington.

Then Welly magic starts and you are under the spell of a special small capital city. You may never leave. Invest in a great umbrella and fall under the spell of Wellington.


  • Audience engagement, bored factor banished
  • Entertainment that does not cost the earth
  • Variety, can pick and choose what works for the family

Best time to visit: Year round

Start Wellington
Finish Wellington


Te Papa Museum to Nago Taonga Sound and Vision to Cuba Street

Day 1

Te Papa Walking Cuba Stree

Te Papa National Museum, Wellington, New Zealand
Te Papa National Museum, Wellington

Te Papa starts the day with a flourish and you just might not do anything else as the day is absorbed with the Te Papa narrative. That means you might have to stay longer, a Wellington welcome guaranteed. And remember temperamental weather doesn’t mean Wellington is not adorable. Nothing is perfect and in Wellington it is the weather.

The ace up Wellington’s sleeve is the very long list of places and activities that do not cost the earth and are indoors. The city streets have wide verandas to shelter visitors and regardless of the weather it is a place encouraging people to visit year round. Who needs a glorious gold sandy beach when there is Welly magic around every corner.

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Stops & extensions

Q Hotel, Wellington, New Zealand @cqwellington
Q Hotel @cqwellington

Recommended Q Hotel Wellington 231-223 Cuba St, right in the middle of the action, yet the hotel is actually quiet.

Apartments or hotel style rooms depending on the size of your family.

A reasonably priced hotel in the centre of Wellington

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Day 2

Parliament to Cuba Street exploration

Wellington Cable Car, The most famous landmark in Wellington, New Zealand
Wellington Cable Car

Your day starts at Parliament wending your way along Lambton Quay to finish at Cuba Street. Included in this route map is the largest nineteenth century timber government building in the southern hemisphere, now a Law Faculty, you can enter the ground floor and wonder about how many forests were needed to construct this exquisite timber building. Then stroll past Wellington High Court with its striking modern facade onto Lambton Quay.

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