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Gallaries and lunch

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Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, exhibition space for artist Len Lye's kinetic works Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, exhibition space for artist Len Lye's kinetic works

The Museum of Contemporary Art Govett-Brewster Art Gallery is a building glimmering in the light with stainless steel curves that encourage visitors to enter. The building itself is a contemporary art statement. The dedicated Len Lye Centre is about the pioneer filmmaker and kinetic sculpture Len Lye. Sculpture that talks, has sound and interacts with its audience is magical and here in New Plymouth is a homage to this art form. And there is a gift shop that will devour your time as you absorb the sound of movement.

Here are a few favourite places to check out in New Plymouth. As always there is always a delicious shopping experience around the next corner. Collect an up to date city outdoor art installation guide from the visitor centre and enjoy the street art of New Plymouth as you stroll and wander your way through New Plymouth. Post a comment about any shopping finds so we can all check it out.

@Kina NZ Design + Artspace

Kina Gallery is a NZ Design Store and Art Gallery with its luminous glass ware, workshops, reasonably priced art prints is a place where it is hard to leave.  You are encouraged to wander among the flax woven everyday objects, the exquisite one of a kind jewellery and view the glass decorative pieces.

Vintage Industries | Lighting | Decor | Marine is the place to visit for something that grabs your attention and your heart. Industrial lamp shades invite you to look up and beyond. Stuffed animals rest on slightly faded beautiful rugs and repurposed marine ropes are artfully woven into rugs and design objects. Next to the industrial chic is crochet as you’ve never seen before as a vase.

RINGCRAFT MOANA – Jewellery Design Studio Oakura, Taranaki located approximately 15 km out of home is a great excuse to go for a drive. Stunning jewellery and rings crafted with New Zealand influences in colour, texture and shape are very tempting. The collection Len Lye is  exquisite in its interpretation of the kinetic movement.

Waverley Glass Art Studio – Home is where emerging local artists have a venue for their inspired works. The makers can be present making it a very special place.

The stark white walls are a setting for fine art and photography in the KORVER MOLLOY GALLERY – Taranaki, New Zealand


LUNCH in the many cafes in New Plymouth.  Perhaps Monica’s Eatery, adjacent to the Govett-Brewster which serves contemporary Pacific fusion cafe style food. The cafe is named after a founding patron of the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery. There is plenty of choice in the vicinity of the Govett Brewster Art Gallery ( the Len Lye Centre) with the coastal walkway and waterfront seating creating a tempting idea to simply eat your sandwiches watching the world go by.

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