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Early evening

Weekend in New Plymouth Early evening

The Orangery @Plymouth International The Orangery @Plymouth International
The Orangery @Plymouth International The Orangery @Plymouth International

Return to New Plymouth with your recently acquired goodies wondering how on earth you are going to get that lovely 1950’s club chair onto the plane,  you’re loving the fabulous jewellery and the acquired art where it is going to hang in your home? New Plymouth eateries are a dining experience that would not feel out of place in Sydney or Auckland.

Dinner at The Orangery is fun. The use of flames makes for a magical evening where you feel as though you are out and about being entertained while enjoying the atmosphere of people laughing during food service. Flambe definitely breaks the ice and cooked at your table is a great way to relax into the evening. Dinner is open Monday-Saturday from 6pm-10pm booking are strongly recommended.

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